Medical Waste Management Services Is Estimated to Surge to US$ 25.2 Billion by the end of 2028

According to Fact.MR, the medical waste management market  is valued at over $16 billion in 2020  and is projected to surpass $22 billion  by 2031  . to a growing disease worldwide.

Healthcare systems expand their reach by outsourcing medical waste management services to third parties. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic may increase the need for proper disposal of medical waste in healthcare settings to prevent the spread of infection.

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This report provides actionable and valuable market insights on medical waste management. Fact.MR’s latest report provides details on current market scenarios in different regions, as well as historical data and forecasts for the market. The report also includes information about sales and demand of the Medical Waste Management market across different industries and geographies.

This newly published insightful report sheds light on medical waste management market insights, key dynamics, impact across the value chain from suppliers to end users, and medical waste management market growth. here i  am

Highlights of the Medical Waste Management Market Study:

  • Inherently harmless medical waste is expected to dominate the medical waste management market. This segment is poised to capture nearly 70% market share during the forecast period.
  • By waste type, the infectious waste segment is expected to grow the fastest at a CAGR of 6.0%. This is due to the spread of infectious diseases such as SARS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and influenza. However, the non-infectious segment remains dominant as the prevalence of chronic diseases increases along with the rapid aging of the population.
  • As for the waste generators, the bulk waste generators are poised to lead the medical waste generator market. Hospitals are a major source of medical waste due to the large number of surgical procedures performed on a daily basis.
  • By service type, off-site waste management will gain momentum due to stringent government regulations and rising healthcare costs. Major healthcare organizations outsource waste management.
  • Geographically, North America is expected to dominate the market with nearly 40% market share, while Asia Pacific is expected to have a lot of leverage. Strict healthcare regulations are raising the prospects for medical waste management in North America, while rapidly evolving healthcare infrastructure is driving growth in the Asia Pacific region.

“The medical waste management market is poised to gain traction during the forecast period due to the legal framework to address the medical waste problem  We leverage our internal dynamics to provide efficient waste management solutions to our clients,” said an analyst at Fact.MR.

key stakeholders

  • Stericycle
  • Republic Service Co., Ltd.
  • Veolia
  • US Ecology, Inc.
  • BioMedical Waste Solutions LLC
  • Clean Harbor Co., Ltd.
  • Waste Management Co., Ltd.
  • Sharps Compliance Co., Ltd.
  • daniels health
  • BS Co., Ltd.
  • Alba Service GmbH & Co. KG

competitive environment

Prominent players in the global medical waste management market are strengthening their market presence by leveraging partnerships with governments, consulting firms, and other medical waste management service providers.

  • On 7 June 2021, Cambodia, in partnership with UNDP, launched a new Medical Waste Fund under the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund (SSCAF) with support from China to pursue experience and expertise in infectious waste management. Start your property management project.
  • On April 1, 2021, Aurora Capital Partners announced the acquisition of Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, an industry leader in medical waste collection, treatment and disposal services. The acquisition will give the company a strong foothold in the market.
  • On August 18, 2020, OnSite Waste created a portable sharps and red bag waste disposal device. This allows generators to dispose of waste at their own facilities, eliminating the need to hire contractors to handle and dispose of hazardous waste. After 3 hours of treatment, approximately 15% of the residue remains, which can be recycled as municipal solid waste.

Main sectors covered

  • nature of the waste
    • harmless waste
    • hazardous waste
  • waste type
    • sharp
    • Infectious and pathological waste
    • radioactive waste
    • pharmaceutical waste
    • non-infectious waste
  • Types of Waste Generators
    • Bulk Waste Generators:
      • Hospitals (private and public)
      • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
    • Small and Medium Waste Generators:
      • clinics and clinics
      • retail pharmacy
      • Ambulatory surgery centers and long-term care centers
      • Laboratories (pathology and diagnostics)
      • Academic/research institute
      • blood bank
      • Others
  • service type
    • On-site waste management
    • External waste management

Benefits of Reporting and Answers to Key Questions

  • Medical Waste Management Category and Segment Level Analysis:   In fact, MR provides an in-depth analysis of factors influencing revenue growth in key segments. It highlights key growth drivers and provides useful information for identifying sales prospects at a regional and local level.
  • Medical Waste Management Historical Volume Analysis  : This report compares the historical and projected sales performance of Medical Waste Management from 2021 to 2031.
  • Medical Waste Management Manufacturing Trends Analysis:   The report provides an in-depth analysis of manufacturing trends in the Medical Waste Management market. We carefully evaluate the impact of the changing healthcare needs of key demographics around the world.
  • Medical Waste Management Consumption by Demographics:   This report examines consumer behaviors that influence the demand outlook for medical waste management during the assessment period. We carefully analyze the impact of their insights on digital trends in the medical waste management market.
  • Post-COVID-19 Consumer Spending on Medical Waste Management:   The healthcare industry has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fact MR Market Study analyzed consumer spending after COVID-19. Evaluate how current trends are affecting healthcare spending and how they will impact the growth of the medical waste management market.

More Valuable Insights on the Medical Waste Management Market

In a new report, Fact.MR provides an unbiased market analysis of medical waste management, medical waste management sales and demand, and analyzes forecast statistics for 2019 and beyond. This study presents growth projections according to different criteria.

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