Increasing Demand For Disposable Razors To Push Market Revenue Growth During 2023 – 2032

The market for razors intended to be used just once before being thrown away is referred to as the disposable razors market. These razors are made for both men and women and are often made of steel and plastic. Disposable razors’ simplicity and usability, as well as the rising need for personal grooming items, are the market’s main drivers. The increased emphasis on personal grooming and appearance, the convenience and simplicity of using disposable razors, and the expanding availability of disposable razors in numerous retail locations are all factors that are driving the market for disposable razors. Procter & Gamble, Edgewell Personal Care, and Unilever are three of the market’s top competitors for disposable razors.

In light of people’s increased concern for personal hygiene and care since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the boom in online sales, Fact.MR’s most recent study indicates that there will unquestionably be an increase in the demand for disposable razors. This is expected to rise dramatically over the course of the projection period, reaching a net company valuation of more than US$ 3,400 Mn in 2021.

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Key Segments

By Product

  • Single-blade Disposable Razors
  • Twin-blade Disposable Razors
  • Triple-blade Disposable Razors

By Type

  • Sensitive Disposable Razors
  • Non-sensitive Disposable Razors

By End-Use

  • Men
  • Women

By Distribution Channel

  • Online
  • Offline

Who are the Key Manufacturers and Suppliers of Disposable Razors?

  • Gillette (P and G)
  • Laser Razor Blades
  • Supermax Benxi Jincheng
  • Energizerm
  • Kaili Razor
  • Harry’s
  • Liyu K
  • LORD
  • BIC
  • Jiali
  • Razor LLC
  • Others

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  • Assessing the impact of changing regulatory dynamics in the regions in which companies are keen on expanding their footprints
  • Provides understanding of disruptive technology trends to help businesses make their transitions smoothly
  • Helping leading companies make strategy recalibrations ahead of their competitors and peers
  • Offers insights into promising synergies for top players aiming to retain their leadership position in the market & supply side analysis of Disposable Razors market .

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