Demand For Duplex Nickel Plating Driven By Shifting Consumer Perceptions And Growing Awareness

The industry that creates and sells duplex nickel plating, which is the process of electroplating two layers of nickel on a metal surface, is referred to as the duplex nickel plating market. A thin coating of electroless nickel plating is followed by a larger layer of electrolytic nickel plating in duplex nickel plating. The procedure is frequently used to increase the metal surface’s ability to withstand corrosion and wear.

The growing need for corrosion- and wear-resistant metal surfaces in a variety of end-use sectors, including aerospace, automotive, and industrial machinery, is what is driving the market for duplex nickel plating. Additionally, it is anticipated that the market for duplex nickel plating would be driven by the rising trend towards eco-friendly and sustainable goods.

The market’s expansion may be constrained by elements including fluctuating raw material prices, tougher restrictions, and a lack of standardisation. In the upcoming years, the market participants can anticipate to benefit significantly from the rising demand for duplex nickel plating in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Main Segments Covered in Duplex Nickel Plating Industry Research

  • By Type
    • Protective Duplex Nickel Plating
    • Decorative Duplex Nickel Plating
  • By Coating Material Surface
    • Ferrous Duplex Nickel Plating
      • Steel
      • Stainless Steel
      • Mild steel
      • Carbon steel
      • Cast Iron
    • Non-Ferrous Duplex Nickel Plating
      • Copper
      • Brass
  • By Plating Type
    • Bright Duplex Nickel Plating
    • Mirror Bright Duplex Nickel Plating
    • Semi Bright Duplex Nickel Plating
  • By Product Type
    • Nickel-Trivalent Chrome
    • Nickel-hexavalent Chrome
    • Nickel-Microporous Chrome
    • Others
  • By Brightening System
    • Sulfur Containing Duplex Nickel Plating
    • Sulfur Free Duplex Nickel Plating
  • By Plating Bath
    • Electroplating
      • Watt Bath
      • Wood Bath
    • Electroless Plating
    • Others
  • By End Use
    • Automotive Duplex Nickel Plating
      • Motorcycles
        • Interior
          • Front Fork Inner Tubes
          • Shock Absorber Piston Rods
          • Hydraulic Pistons
          • Cylinders
        • Exterior
          • Body
          • Bumpers
          • Exhaust Pipes
      • Cars & Trucks
        • Interior
          • Fuel Systems
          • Turbochargers
          • Transmission
          • Braking Systems
          • Drive Shafts
          • Valves
          • Others
        • Exterior
          • Bumpers
          • Grills
          • Others
    • Aerospace & Defence Duplex Nickel Plating
    • Industrial Fasteners & Tools Duplex Nickel Plating
    • Others
  • By Use Case
    • New Duplex Nickel Plating
    • Duplex Nickel Restoration

Key Takeaways from Study

  • The global duplex nickel plating market is anticipated to add 1.7X value by 2031.
  • Decorative segment captures a major chunk in duplex nickel plating, and is set to create an absolute $ opportunity of around US$ 323 Mn over 2021-2031.
  • Among the plating types, bright duplex plating has been the fastest-growing segment, owing to high wear resistance capabilities over others.
  • North America is set to dominate market revenue in 2021, and this regional is expected to expand at 4% CAGR through 2031.
  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, demand for duplex nickel plating was hit in 2020, which saw a decline of 2% over the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

Key Companies Profiled

  • Atlas Chrome Plating and Powder Coating
  • Auromex
  • Capron Manufacturing
  • Century Plating Company
  • Eastern Plating LLC
  • ­Electrochemical Products, Inc.
  • Elite Finishing, LLC
  • Highnic group
  • Hohman Plating
  • Leonhardt Plating Company
  • Metal Plate Polishing Inc.
  • Transcend Chrome Inc.

More Valuable Insights

Fact.MR, in its new offering, presents an unbiased analysis of the global duplex nickel plating market, presenting historical market data (2016-2020) and forecast statistics for the period of 2021-2031.

The study reveals essential insights on the basis of type (protective, decorative), coating material surface (ferrous (steel, stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, cast iron), non-ferrous (copper, brass)), plating type (bright, mirror bright, semi bright),  product type (nickel-trivalent chrome, nickel hexavalent chrome, nickel microporous chrome, others), brightening system (sulfur containing, sulfur free), plating baths (electroplating (watt bath, wood bath), electroless plating, others), end use (automotive ( motorcycles (interior (front fork inner tubes, shock absorber pistons rods, cylinders), exterior (body, bumpers, exhaust pipes)), cars & trucks (interior (fuel systems, turbochargers, transmission, braking systems, drive shafts, valves, others)), aerospace & defence, industrial fasteners & tools plating, others), and use case (new plantings, restoration), across six major regions of the world (North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia & Oceania, and the Middle East & Africa).


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