Fluctuation in Global Temperatures presents Wide Growth Opportunity for Temperature Control Unit Market

Temperature Control Unit, also referred to as temperature controller, is deployed to pre-heat an industrial process and maintain desired temperature during operation. To pre-heat the process, the pressurized oil or water is used, to obtain required temperature.

Lately, demand for temperature control unit has swelled as a consequence of fluctuation in global temperature. To cope up with the change, companies across various industries have started relying on artificial temperature control devices. The units aid in maintaining an optimum temperature for the manufacture and production of commodities. As a result, demand for temperature control unit is escalating.

In addition, increase in energy consumption and scarcity of energy is fuelling the adoption rate of thermal control unit in industries. As per the statistics provided by International Energy Agency, the demand for energy has increased by 2.3% in 2018, which is highest in the last decade. Aforementioned factors are significantly bolstering the expansion of global temperature control unit market.

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Integration of Advanced Technology redefines Horizon for Temperature Control Unit Market

Temperature control plays a vital role in improving the operational efficiency of power plants. Thus, companies operating in manufacturing industries are implementing advanced temperature control units. This is resulting significant investments in temperature control unit market for further innovations.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, have started integrating Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology with the temperature control units. This will help operators to set as well as control the temperature remotely. The sensor based operation is gaining traction in several industries. Looking at the surge in demand for remotely operable temperature control units, lately, companies are launching temperature control units which will serve the need of temperature control in industries.

For example, Thermal Care Inc. has introduce Connex 4.0. The software platform will help the operator to monitor and regulate the operation of temperature control unit with the help of internet.

Also, BOFA International, pioneer in global temperature control unit market, has launched FIREBOX technology, wherein a temperature control system is used. Primarily, the temperature control system aids to prevent any kind of fire risks. The control system senses rise in temperature and does the required job.

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In the trend of innovations, Engel, a player in temperature control unit market, launched a unit with the concept of new iQ flow control software. It incorporates temperature control units with injection molding machines. This helps in measuring as well as monitoring the temperature with the help of proprietary water temperature control system flomo.

Benefits of Improved Finish spurs Integration of Novel Temperature Control Technologies for Plastic Manufacturing

The innovation is widely applicable in plastic manufacturing industry. The companies are integrating injection blow molding (IBM) with temperature control units. The combination has significantly aided in improving the aesthetic of the finished plastic product. This, in turn, has reduced the rejection rate throughout the manufacturing process.

Further, plastic manufacturing companies are now demanding for technologies which can provide control over the temperature of production environment. This is positively influencing global temperature control unit market.

On the other hand, one major problem reported is that of installation of temperature control units. The process of installation is considerably expensive, time-consuming, and complex. This directly impacts production cycle, mostly resulting in delayed production for few days.

However, if manufacturers of temperature control units address such impediments, including seamless integration with existing industrial units – this could translate into notable growth for temperature control unit market.

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