Anti-Fatigue Mats Market Promises to Flatten Workplace Injuries to Drive Growth

According to Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) musculoskeletal conditions result in 70 million visits to physicians each year in the United States. Moreover, over 130 million overall cases including emergencies, outpatient visits, and hospital stays are reported in the country. The growing stress at work due to long standing hours results in $45 and $54 billion loss each year. Additionally, these injuries and physical ailments result in $13.4 billion dollars to employers in United States each year. Moreover, rising elderly population in workforce is also leading to rise in health concerns. For example, according to the US department of labor, carpel tunnel syndrome is on the rise in United States. The disease results in numbness, and weakness in body muscles is experienced by over 1.9 million Americans each year. In 2001, it resulted in over 26,000 cases of sick leave. Additionally, the illness affects the most common jobs in United States including sales, administrative support, fabricators, operators, and labourers. The rising health concerns due to injuries, and increasing awareness of health concerns are expected to drive major growth for the anti-fatigue mats market in the near future.

Rising Demand for Ergonomic solutions to Drive Major Growth

Rising demand for ergonomic solutions including standing desks, furniture among others are expected to remain a major driver of growth for players in the anti-fatigue mats market. The anti-fatigue mats are becoming commonplace in malls, offices, and industries like manufacturing as well. The growing demand for healthier balance between work life, and personal life, and increased awareness about potential downfalls of a work life are expected to drive major growth for the anti-fatigue mats market.

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Fashion Retail Promises Significant Opportunities for Growth

During each holiday season in the United States, retail hires as much as over 70,000 temporary workers. Many of these workers are hired to guide customers and in sales. The job requires long and tedious standing hours, which can be pose a major strain for a majority of workers. Additionally, these jobs are really important for retail as in domains like fashion retail, the workers promise to bring in major revenues. On the other hand, anti-fatigue mats are increasingly becoming attractive to end consumers, as these can help them stick with hard floors, which are often expensive to replace, and stick with comfortable matting solutions for employee and consumer comfort. The growing variety in aesthetics, rising demand in retail, and lifestyle trends such as female with high-heels are expected to drive major growth for the anti-fatigue mats market in near future.

Rising Elderly Population and Growing Cases of Arthritis to Drive Growth

The anti-fatigue mats market has conventionally registered strong growth in Europe, and North America. During the forecast period, the growing aging population in these regions, and new countries like China are expected to drive growth. The elderly population is strongly linked with growth of over 100 rheumatic diseases, and conditions which affect the joints. It is estimated that over 19 million adults in United States are limited in mobility due to the condition. Moreover, over two-thirds of these individuals are under 65, and may still be active in the workforce. The condition affects key areas of body including knee, joints, and can result in significant pain and inability to continue work. The growing incidences of the condition, and increased awareness about workplace safety by public entities like OSHO are expected to drive significant growth for the anti-fatigue mats market in the near future.

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