Oral Contraceptive Pills May Affect Women’s Relationships

Recently, a research conducted by the University of Greifswald in Germany and guided by Dr. Alexander Lischke, from biological & clinical psychology’s department stated that consuming oral contraceptives may lead to subtle emotional changes in a woman’s brain.

The research suggests there are chances that a pill may obscure judgement of a woman which in turn may affect her relationships. The pill may make her ten percent less likely to be able to read & comprehend individuals’ facial expressions & feelings.

Till now, it is not clear as to why it happens, but the pill affects women’s progesterone & oestrogen’s levels, which most likely affects her compassion. Dr. Alexander Lischke stated that over a hundred million women globally are on oral contraceptives, but sadly, very less information is known about its impact on their behavior, emotion, and cognition.

However, research states that contraceptive pills weaken the capability to identify facial expression of individuals that may impact the way, women start and manage their relationships.

Dr. Alexander further stated that a lot of importance is given to the advantages of the pill like treating acne, helping in heavy menstruation, but the disadvantages are never talked about.

In order to study the emotional side effects of contraceptive pills, scientists studied emotional recognition of forty-two women, who are on the pill in comparison to fifty-three women, who don’t take the pill.

Dr. Alexander stated that they assumed these defects would be minute, showing that they had to experiment women’s emotion identification with a job that was delicate enough to discover these impairments. Hence, they used a tough task for recognition of emotion, which demanded the identification of complication expressions of emotions from the eye area of faces.

Although, the women could easily identify simple expressions, women on pill were less likely to properly recognize hard expressions. The conclusions were released in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience that stated women who are on the contraceptive pill don’t identify basic emotions like happiness & sadness, and even complicated ones, such as contempt & pride.

Researchers agree that the results only exhibit minute changes, but they have also warned that these side effects may have a huge impact on women’s relationships and the way they interact.

However, Dr. Alexander also added that if contraceptive pills left a dramatic impact in women’s emotion identification, then they would have observed in their daily interactions with their partners.

Cyclic changes of the levels of progesterone & oestrogen impact a woman’s emotion recognition & affect connections & activity in connected regions of brain. Contraceptive pills operate by controlling levels of progesterone & oestrogen, therefore, it makes sense that the pills impact the emotion recognition in women.

Dr. Alexander suggests that additional research work needs to be done, before any alterations can be made on the prescription of the pills.

Author: Priyanka Bhattacharjee

Priyanka Bhattacharjee is a seasoned research professional, with an insatiable quest for handling complex assignments, based on both pure-play consulting and market-research in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare domain. With over five years of experience, she is well-acknowledged in her field of handling critical research assignments and writing thematic papers. She regularly writes opinion pieces for various online news portals and magazines on a wide range of topics. Having the unique capacity of joining the dots, Priyanka’s exceptional communication skills makes her a pro at handling strategic clients, encompassing multiple domains of industry and business. While not at work, she is an ardent reader of books, pursues music and social activities such as teaching the underprivileged and visiting the old at elderly care centers.