Wafering Division of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd to be Purchased by Precision Surfacing Solutions

Recently, Precision Surfacing Solutions, who is a pioneer in supplying services & equipment for honing, precision lapping, grinding, & polishing revealed their plan of purchasing photovoltaic & specialized substrate material wafering equipment & service business of Meyer Burger, which is headquartered in Thun, Switzerland.

Precision Surfacing Solutions’ Chief Executive Officer, Brian Nelson stated that the purchase of wafering technology portfolio of Meyer Burger will allow them to boost & increase their activities in their key markets, mainly in the consumer & semiconductor electronic sectors. Their exceptional Peter Wolters AC microLine technology, manufactured in Rendsburg, Germany is already used by dominant substrate water producers & they believe that the introduction of the MB wafering line will allow major opportunities for cross selling with their current consumers following & also offer the chance to provide incomparable service & technical support globally.

Precision Surfacing Solutions aims to utilize the expertise of Meyer Burger’s employees & to continue development of product and also production activities in non-PV wafering applications in Thun, wherein they have signed a long-term alliance with Meyer Burger. Manufacturing of photovoltaic wafering systems will stay in China. They will retain global service support for present & future wafering consumers globally. The firm will employ approximately seventy employees at Thun & more twenty-six internationally. Brett Rosenthal, Chief Technical Officer of Precision Surfacing Solutions stated that the purchase of Meyer Burger offers Precision Surfacing Solutions with several brilliant technical & engineering employees. He is excited for them to join their international team of engineering & using their expertise in the Group.

Meyer Burger’s Chief Executive Officer, Hans Brändle stated that even though Meyer Burger was started from scratch in the wafering industry, their primary aim currently is on module connection technologies & PV cell coating. Since Precision Surfacing Solutions is the new owner of their wafering portfolio & with their existence in the semiconductor market, the firm is preferably in a good position to completely capitalize on the synergies with their wafering technologies.

Hans further added that they are excited with PSS being the new owner, they have discovered a solution which will prove beneficial to both the partied involved and at the same time acquiring jobs & technology know-how in Thun.

The firm solved even the most crucial issues of precision surfacing. With over a 100 years of experience with each of their brands, Precision Surfacing Solutions has a good reputation of creating cost efficient solutions for processing for any said application.

Author: Sandali Tiwari

A former journalist, Sandali is a content marketer with over 5 years of writing experience, across various industries including Food Innovation, Healthcare, and IoT and Technology. Sandali has been weaving corporate stories for organizations through different forms of impactful marketing content. Her key aim is to strategically align well-crafted narratives with business objectives, translating into a powerful communications platform for the company.