SBRI Healthcare to Support Two Medical Technology Firms to Bring Their Respiratory Products to the NHS

SBRI Healthcare based in Milton has announced financial and consulting support for two medical technology startups to market their health products. The first being Cambridge Respiratory Innovation which has devices ready for rollout in in market as they are undergoing verification and acceptance testing process. The company which was commended highly in the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Award is developing a self-care asthma monitor using the N-Tidal Technology, an innovative new technology which can serve as asthma management tool at home.

The device is intended to be used by 5.4 million people suffering from asthma in the UK, which consists of a LED-based carbon die oxide sensor which measures the levels of CO2 in respiration. This will offset the pressure on primary health care by allowing better self-care and management of asthma. A regulatory study funded by the NiHR will use one variant of the device for studying asthma this year.

Innovate UK has also announced a grant of £116,000 to Aseptika which is another invention from SBRI as part of AHS Networks. The Asthma+me is Aseptika’s asthma management technology. The asthma management device supports carers and parents of children with asthma. The solution is a combination of PUFFClicker inhaler and use tracker, electronic care plan and education sessions. The technology will undergo a randomized controlled trial on asthma affected children at a Children’s Hospital.

SBRI Healthcare is a NHS England Initiative working through the AHSN Network which assists businesses to develop, identify and co-create innovative technology solutions for healthcare. The program helps NHS by encouraging competition among health tech startups to solve specific healthcare-related challenges. The SBRI program fast-tracks healthcare innovations by providing commercial and financial support to health tech startups. Along with the investment, it will help startups by offering consultancy services which include the development of prototype for clinical trials.

Asthma affects 1,100,000 young patients in UK and the disease continues throughout the person’s life making it very important for the patient to fully understand and be able to monitor his own condition through self-management tools. The Aseptika therapy is in line with the new NHS long term plan for 10 years revealed recently. The new device will help compensate for the inadequate workforce of skilled pediatric nurses and doctors. The introduction of the technology will save more than £50million to NHS in annual savings.

Author: Priyanka Bhattacharjee

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