Israeli Biotech Company’s Bold Claim of Finding a ‘’Complete Cancer Cure’’ is Receiving Condemnation from Medical Community Worldwide as being Unsubstantiated and Misleading

A news article published in The Jerusalem Post took the medical community by a surprise when it reported the claim of finding a definitive cure for cancer by an Israeli startup. The Israeli Biotech company Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEB) Ltd. Made bold claims of that they will offer ‘’ a complete cure for cancer’’ in a year’s time, however cancer researchers all over the globe have warned about the inefficacy of a single cure for cancer.

The CEO of the company, Ilan Morad said to The Jerusalem Post that their treatment for cancer will be very effective and cheaper than other treatments which will last only for some weeks without any side effects. He added that their therapy called MuTaTo will use a number of cancer targeting peptides and a toxin to specifically target cancer cells.

Although the claim would have come as a ray of hope for millions of people diagnosed of cancer every year, the scientific community have called the claim as vague and unsubstantiated. The CEOs claim that instead of attacking receptors one at a time their new treatment targets them three at time has been called as categorically untrue by experts in cancer research. Cancers can have a broad spectrum of DNA mutations in their genomes (receptors) from one to tens of thousands, which makes the company’s logic extremely shaky.

The AEB also claimed that it can cure all types of cancers. The scientific community has called this claim as an extremely ignorant view of cancer and based on little to no understanding of it. The cancer is a group of 200 diseases which often involve a number of subtypes. Any claims to finding a so-called ‘universal cure for cancer’ is not only highly exaggerated but a very unlikely possibility. The company’s claim that the cure would be available in a single year is also detached from ground reality of drug approval process. Even if the therapy were found to be authentic, the approval process would take another 10- 15 years down the lane before the final rollout in hospitals. They have only tested the technology on mice, which is of only ‘exploratory importance’ as later process involves testing it on different animals successfully before being allowed for a clinical trial on humans.

Professor of Medicine at NYU school of Medicine Dr. Benjamin G. Neel said that the therapy seems to be like a single magical bullet to treat cancer which is highly unprecedented in the medical research field as they don’t even have a magical bullet for a simple infectious disease let alone cancer. Cancer Research UK’s Julia Frater said that the unsubstantiated claims are highly misleading for patients and their relatives as it oversimplifies the understanding of cancer and raises false hope among patients. The unbalanced coverage of the irresponsible statement by the company is receiving condemnation from cancer experts worldwide.

Author: Sabyasachi Ghosh

Sabyasachi Ghosh is an experienced market research analyst and consultant, with over six years of experience in end-to-end project management. He has worked at numerous leadership positions and has a vast experience of compiling high-quality market research reports. Sabyasachi is an authoritative voice in the market research sector, and has been cited in top industry publications. He is a travel junkie, and loves to travel far and wide with his friends.