Arab Health 2019: Clinical Design to Launch World’s Only Digital Point-to-care Urine Test

Clinical Design, a UK-based company, is set to launch the world’s only hygienic digital point-of-care urine test – Urine Testing System™ – at Arab Health 2019.

The new system is accurate, easy-to-use, and has been designed to improve the overall process, right from collecting samples and recording results to analysis in the laboratory.

Some prominent features of the system include automatically-timed readings, sealed, leak-proof samples, and the ability to save digital results directly into electronic health record of the patient. It doesn’t require decanting, reduces contamination risks, and avoids sending false positive results to the laboratories. Moreover, digital readings are more accurate than the manual or conventional urine analysis, due to elimination of varied subjective analysis and risk of error at the time of manual recording.

Urine Testing System™ operates seamlessly as a closed integrated system which includes a patented, single-use cap that contain reagent pads for testing ten parameters: leukocytes, urobilinogen, pH, blood, ketone, glucose, nitrite, protein, specific gravity, and bilirubin.

Once the urine sample is collected, the radiologist simply connects UTS-10 Cap™ to create a sealed, leak-proof module. It is then inserted into the UTS Digital Analyzer™ and automatically-timed digital results are displayed on the integrated LCD screen or computer-connected UTS Desktop Software™. The sample could be easily sent to the laboratory or disposed of in the clinical waste with no need to decant.

Urine Testing System™ is particularly designed to fit in the racks of standard laboratory and can be bought with or without boric acid as per the lab requirements.

Clinical Design’s CEO Oliver Blackwell said that the new system increases the efficacy point-of-care urine testing of patients and improves first-time diagnosis.

Point-of-care testing is emerging rapidly in the field of healthcare for doctors and healthcare professional at the global level. Globally, nearly 2.8 billion point-of-care urine tests are conducted for various things including diagnosis of acute infections and for monitoring liver and kidney diseases, and even diabetes.

Existing manual test system takes about a minute or two and associates certain risks such as spillage of contaminated samples, human errors during analysis or manual recording.

Clinical Design is launching its newly developed system at Arab Health as it is the international hub for innovations in modern healthcare in the Middle East and beyond.

Author: Priyanka Bhattacharjee

Priyanka Bhattacharjee is a seasoned research professional, with an insatiable quest for handling complex assignments, based on both pure-play consulting and market-research in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare domain. With over five years of experience, she is well-acknowledged in her field of handling critical research assignments and writing thematic papers. She regularly writes opinion pieces for various online news portals and magazines on a wide range of topics. Having the unique capacity of joining the dots, Priyanka’s exceptional communication skills makes her a pro at handling strategic clients, encompassing multiple domains of industry and business. While not at work, she is an ardent reader of books, pursues music and social activities such as teaching the underprivileged and visiting the old at elderly care centers.