Polyester Medical Films Market to Actively Foray into Emerging Consumer Market places During 2018 – 2028

Polyester Medical Films Market: An Overview

Polyester or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a plastic resign which is used to make various plastic products such as films, pouches, and bags. Polyester medical films are the type of polyester films which are used in diverse medical applications such as diagnostic test strips, biosensors, medical tapes, and others. Polyester medical films are widely used as they have high thermal strength, flexibility, and most importantly high barrier properties. Polyester medical films are easy to handle and can provide high clarity. Moreover, polyester medical films are printable and are preferred by both consumer and manufacturer. The further critical properties of the polyester medical films may include high gloss, UV protection and good adhesion depending upon the application where these properties are required. Polyester medical films have lower cost as compared with other medical films with comparable features.

The growth in global healthcare expenditure and people aware of better medical products is expected to drive the global polyester films market. The better properties provided by polyester medical films is likely to contribute to a higher share of the polyester medical films in global medical films market. Compare to other plastics polyester is highly recyclable. The manufacturers are following the trend of using anti-fogging technique in polyester medical films. The anti-fogging polyester medical films provide the treatment of the films against the water droplet which may form inside the polyester medical films. The growth of bioplastics globally can be a possible for the growth of polyester medical films market. Bioplastic films gets biodegraded in few months and can also be burned as it does not emit any toxic fumes while burning. The polyester medical films market produce opportunities for the medical films with lower cost and higher recyclability. The fluctuation in the price of raw material is a potential threat for the polyester medical films market. This fluctuation in price of raw materials can result in the higher polyester medical films price. Recently, DuPont Teijin Films U.S. announced an increase in the cost of Mylar and Melinex films which are used in medical applications because of the same.

Globally the Polyester Medical Films market is segmented on the basis of machines type, type of strap used and end-use industry which are further segmented as – On the basis of films thickness, the global polyester medical films market is segmented as – Less than 100 micron, 100 micron -300 micron, More than 300 micron, On the basis of end-use, the global polyester medical films market is segmented as – Diagnostic Strips, Medical Tapes and Adhesives, Biosensors, Labelling, Others

Asia Pacific is projected to register the maximum CAGR in polyester medical films market. This growth is attributed to the presence of powerful emerging economies such as China and India. The presence of small and powerful market in ASEAN such as Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia is expected to fuel the growth of polyester medical films market in APAC further. North America and Western Europe are expected to have the maximum market share in the polyester medical films market because of high pharmaceutical packaging and research in the in the region. The US is expected to register highest share in the global polyester packaging films market. Germany is expected to record the highest growth in polyester medical films of Europe. MEA is expected to have lower CAGR. Overall market for polyester medical films is expected to register maximum CAGR for the forecast period.

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Polyester Medical Films Market: Key players: Some of the key players operating in the global polyester medical films market are – Tekra Corporation, Toray Industries, Inc., Impex Global, LLC, Piedmont Plastics, Inc., Polypex GmbH, Grafix Plastics, Cosmo Films Limited, Filmquest Group Inc., Cheever Specialty Paper & Film., DUNMORE Corporation, ROL-VAC, LP, Flex Films USA Inc., Coveme spa, Tekni-Plex