Paper Coating Binders Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2017 – 2027

Paper coating binder is an important ingredient in paper coatings, it is mainly used to impart adhesion and for binding of pigment particles to themselves and to the coating layer of the paper. It is also used for gloss and flexibility to the paper coatings. Paper coating binders prevent the paper from yellowing due to exposure to heat and light. Paper coating binders are fine sized spherical particles and it improves the printing characteristics. Paper coating binders are generally water-soluble polymers influences the color viscosity, size and water retention capability of paper. Common paper coating binders are styrene-acrylate copolymer or styrene maleic anhydride copolymer. Increasing demand of coated paper for various application such as printing, packaging, business communication, labels, and other applications is expected to fuel growth of global paper coating binders market. Coated paper manufacturers are open for diversifying their row materials in order to produce good quality and cost effective substrates. Research efforts are made directed towards the development of new binders with superior binding strength and contributing differentiating characteristics to the coated paper, and this has led to development of various modern binders such as, vinyl acetates and copolymers (e.g., PVAc, 2 VAE).

Global Paper Coating Binders Market: Market Dynamics

The demand of paper coating binder is primarily driven by increasing demand of paper for industrial packaging in the global market. With the growth of paper industry the paper coating binders market is expected to show bright prospect for the growth. Owing to increasing demand for good quality printing paper the demand of paper coating binders is expected to rise. They improves printability, stiffness, whiteness and resistance to yellowing. Modern paper coating binders provide total paler binder optimization, and improves runnability by delivering low high-shear viscosity and improving water retention compared to traditional paper coating binders.

With the technological advancements papermakers are focusing on creating new and innovative paper coating binders for improving the paper quality. Moreover, the ongoing demand of paper coating binders in connection with increasing production speed and diverse applications has forced the development of new paper coating binder types, to meet the changing requirements. The decorative & construction industry as well as printing and packaging industry are expected to be the key drivers for innovations in paper coating binders market. For instance, in April 2017, BASF SE launched -in-1 Basonal Food Contact Board (FCB), low odor, low VOC paper coating binder, a unique solution for wide range of food packaging applications. BASF, launched this product to meet various stringent food safety regulations standards, including USA, Germany and China.

Global Paper Coating Binders Market: Market Segmentation

The global paper coating binders market on the basis of material type can be segmented as:

  • Bio-based paper binder
  • Petroleum-based paper binder

The global paper coating binders market on the basis of chemical can be segmented as:

  • styrene-butadiene binders
  • Styrene-acrylate binders
  • Acetate coating binders
  • Acrylic binders
  • Others

Global Paper Coating Binders Market: Regional Outlook

Asia pacific is expected to dominate the paper coating binders market owing to substantial demand of coated paper, especially from emerging economic countries, China and India. High demand of coated paper for printing and packaging applications are expected to drive the paper coating binders market in the Asia Pacific region. North America is expected to have steady growth of paper coating binders market over the forecast period. Paper coating binders comprising vinyl acetate are extensively used in North America paper coating binders market. Europe is expected to have high demand of paper coating binders with emphasis on development of new binders owing stringent regulations with emphasis on environmental impact and profit improvement.

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