Isolation Transformer Market share will expand till 2025

Isolation transformer is a transformer, which is used to transfer electrical power from an AC source to a device or equipment while isolating the device from the power source. Power transformers with insulation between their primary and secondary are not always described as “isolation transformers”, unless their primary function is to isolate circuits. It protects circuits and equipment from short circuits by galvanic isolation and people from shocks. This special insulation is provided between the primary and secondary winding and is made to work even at high voltage. An isolation transformer is basically used to protect the user from faulty equipment. Isolation transformer physically separates two electrical systems to avoid ground loops for safe and accurate measurement.

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The isolation transformer has 1:1 transformer ratio between its primary and secondary windings. The primary and secondary windings can be altered to form a step-up or step-down transformer, according to the requirement/load of the electrical system. Isolation transformer blocks the DC signal and allows the AC signal to pass from one circuit to another, protecting the secondary circuit from short circuit. In an isolated transformer, there is no conductive linkage between earth and transformer secondary and there is no danger in touching the live part of the circuit even when another part of the body is earthed. It basically prevents electrical equipment and devices from getting harmonics and spikes from the mains and also facilitate the microprocessor based electronics. Electrostatic shields isolation transformers are used for sensitive equipment such as laptop computers, medical devices and other microprocessor based equipment as well.

Rising use of sensitive equipment such as computers and awareness among people about the necessity for reliable power quality lead to an increase in demand for permanent electrical solutions. Also, the increasing implementation of microprocessor based components in automotive, medical equipment, electronics equipment and different industries will influence the market positively. The enactment of energy-efficiency norms and standards in many countries has bolstered the demand for isolation transformers to an extent. The expected growth in automotive industry, electrical industry and electronics industry will in turn drive the growth of global isolation transformer market.

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However, the commodity nature of the product influences the price, leading to less revenue generation and the presence of alternatives such as UPS are projected to restrain the isolation transformer market to a certain extent.