Emerging Opportunities in Riot Control Vehicle Market with Current Trends Analysis

Global Riot Control Vehicles Market: Introduction

Riot control vehicles are compact, maneuverable and designed specially to handle violent protests and civil unrest in a non-lethal manner. A riot control system refers to the non-lethal or lethal methods taken by the local security body, police, and military to control the mass protest. Riots generally take place in private business operations, communal difference, government issues and unwanted international invasion. Non-lethal measures are used in the temporary situations, where weapons cannot be used. Riot control vehicles are equipped with multidirectional and powerful water cannons that can be used to spray foam, tear gas, pepper spray, dye and other materials. Riot control vehicles are totally remote controlled and can provide facilities of semi-automated single pulses along with adjustable volume, continuous straight stream and automatic pulse. A riot control vehicle has an automated system that provides several self-protection options, such as jet surrounding riots, fire suppressant used to sprinkle against the fire ignited in the vehicle and specially designed door lock, which can be opened from inside. Riot control vehicles are fully armored and the torque provided by engine is powerful enough to push away the stationary vehicles coming in between. Riot control vehicles are equipped with high pressure pumps along with nozzles—where the pressure can vary as per the need—PA system, explosives removal equipment, fire extinguisher system, riot control plows, chemical additive tank and adjustable height ram-bumper. Furthermore, riot control vehicle is an armored vehicle which can withstand high pressure, velocity, explosive devices. The demand for non-lethal vehicle is increasing. Manufacturers are also working on to launch new products, such as rubber bullets and direct energy vehicles.

Global Riot Control Vehicles Market: Dynamics

Non-lethal vehicles to control a small crowd is trending in the market. Riot control vehicles are used to render temporary pain without any permanent injury. Growth of internal terrorism and asymmetrical warfare which requires high integrated network of paramilitary, civilians and military is driving the global riot control vehicle market. To avoid military interference, the governments are using safe tactics to remain in the boundaries of military spheres and civilians. Civil turmoil due to the uneven development and bribery is propelling the demand of riot control vehicle to control the situations of local disputes and this is estimated to drive the global riot vehicle global market over the estimated period. Growing development and rapid expansion of urban areas have resulted in the mass migration of population from villages to the cities. This has overburdened the security system and security measures in the area. Riot control vehicles is used to push back the crowd from the high alert area and help bring the situation in control and as these situations are common these days, this is expected to drive the global riot control vehicle market.

Global Riot Control Vehicles Market: Segmentation

The global riot control vehicle market can be segmented based on flow type and chemical used.

  • By flow type, the global riot control vehicle market can be segmented as:
    • Automated Pulses
    • Semi-Automated Single Pulse
    • Continuous Straight Stream
  • By chemical used, the global riot control vehicle market can be segmented as:
    • Colored Dye
    • Foam
    • Tear gas
    • Others

Global Riot Control Vehicles Market: Regional Dynamics

Disproportionate development in the countries, such as India and China, of Asia Pacific has resulted in the asymmetrical warfare strategies. Developed regions such as Europe and North America are shifting their strategies from direct military confrontation to create the disorder within the boundaries of the opponents in non-lethal manner and this is estimated to drive the riot control vehicles market over the estimated period.  The MEA also relies on the non-lethal measures, which is expected to accelerate the riot control vehicle market over forecast period.

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