Ultra Low Power Microcontroller (MCU) Market Strategical Analysis Report scope by 2017 – 2025

Ultra Low Power Microcontroller (MCU) Market: Introduction

Dedicated controllers for “Internet of Things (IoT)” and battery operated devices are the main reason ultra low power microcontrollers (MCU) gaining traction in recent times. The advancements in technology by major players by giving components with least power consumption is keeping the market trending. The battery operated devices are more in use in recent time and no one appreciates to recharge frequently. These ultra low power microcontrollers (MCU) consumes less power and give more time to battery operated devices.

The main and foremost reason for the low power consumption of these microcontrollers is the deployment of different semiconductor technologies and circuit design techniques by different companies. Not only these devices ultra low power microcontroller (MCU) are also used in consumer electronics, data logging applications, portable medical instruments etc. Ultra low power microcontroller are the components in the circuit which control the functioning of a device giving up very less power.

Ultra Low Power Microcontroller (MCU) Market: Drivers and Challenges

The major driver for ultra low power microcontroller market is the increase in investments for research and development by companies globally. Ultra low power microcontroller as a component has different technologies from which it is made according to power consumption readings. Another driver which helps  this market to grow is the increased use of battery operated devices which have in tern increased the number of ultra low power microcontroller’s sales.

The major challenge faced by the ultra low power microcontroller market is that there are many players for this product in the market making the market more competitive and hard for sales.

Competitive Landscape

Ultra Low Power Microcontroller (MCU) Market: Key Players

Some of the key players of ultra low power microcontrollers market are: Texas instruments, Microchip Technology Inc., STMicroelectronics, NXP Semiconductors, Silicon Laboratories, Atmel Corporation and Renesas Electronics Corporation.

Ultra Low Power Microcontroller (MCU) Market: Key Development

In August 2017, Microchip Technology Inc. launched a new family of ultra low power microcontroller with products named SAMD5x and SAME5x. Both the products are specified as 32-bit and are said to have additional benefits like extensive connectivity interfaces and robust hardware-based security for a variety of applications

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