LCD Touch Panel Market Growth and changes Influencing the Industry 2017 to 2025

LCD Touch Panel market is increasing due to the increasing investments of large companies such as Microsoft and Samsung in LCD Touch Panel market. The market for LCD Touch Panel is increasingly adopted due to change in the mindsets of customers to interact with devices. These LCD Touch Panel are also been used by many companies in their products to enhance the look of their product offering. Various companies in medical sector, consumer retailing sector, industrial sector, and security and home automation sector are gradually adopting these LCD Touch Panel for improving their product offerings.

In LCD Touch Panel technology there are various types of touch panels used such as resistive and capacitive and generally used in smartphones and tablet PCs and uses sensor technology through TFT-array processing experience and low-resistance material selection without using conductive films.

LCD Touch Panel Market: Drivers and Challenges

The major factor driving the adoption of LCD Touch Panel is the increasing industrial usage and implementation of LCD Touch Panel in products. For instance, adjusting washing machine, or buying a ticket can be comfortably done through finger on device so LCD Touch Panel are demanded. This has also encouraged LCD Touch Panel manufacturers to work on development of LCD Touch Panel based products for customers. Moreover, 5 wire LCD Touch Panel type is being deployed in large number due to its lower cost in comparison to others and better performance.

The key challenge for LCD Touch Panel market is the limitation with the touch. These LCD Touch Panel are used for making devices touchscreen which sometimes creates problem while using stylus or fingernail, the touch screen does not respond to that touch. Moreover, these LCD Touch Panel based products are very delicate and faces issues such as screen problems, and easy break down of screen. However, with the development of other new technologies these problems are being solved up to a limit.

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