Graphic Processing Unit Market Overview by Key Factors, Scope, Drivers 2025

The market for Graphic Processing Unit is increasing due to high adoption of graphic based games, augmented reality applications and virtual reality applications. Moreover, Graphic Processing Unit market is expected to increase progressively due to availability of GPU cloud-computing on major cloud platforms. GPU is the computing platform that changes big data into super-human intelligence. It is used as computational engine for the artificial intelligence and helps in accelerating deep learning and AI to data in the cloud.

The Graphic Processing Unit is also known as the visual processing unit which is used to improve the performance of graphics and video files. It includes functionalities such as development of 2D and 3D graphics, application support for high intensity graphics software and others. With the increasing significance of GPU, many organizations in various industries are adopting GPU to improve analytics, and other software applications such as medical imaging, bioinformatics, data science and others. This technology is helping organizations to deliver real time analytic and machine learning in a cost-effective way. GPU is different significantly from standard CPUs with having around 4,500 cores (computational units) per device compared to a CPU which typically has 8 or 16 cores. This brings compute-hungry and big-data applications within the reach of most enterprise.

Graphic Processing Unit Market: Drivers and Challenges

The major factor driving the adoption of Graphic Processing Unit is that this technology allow organization to deploy less hardware as GPU itself has highly concentrated computing power which helps in reducing operational cost for organization. Another driving factor is the increasing usage of heavy graphics games among individuals. These games requires graphic cards with large memory which is increasing the adoption of GPU based cards.

The key challenge for Graphic Processing Unit is the lack of knowledge about the usage of it in growing smart devices. Companies are using these Graphic Processing Unit but up to limited extent. Another factor restricting the growth of this GPU market is the complexities in integration with artificial intelligence with the continuously changing requirements.

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