Electronic Counters Market Analysis, Latest Trends and Regional Growth 2017 – 2025

Electronic Counters market is the prominently increasing market due to increasing usage for time meter, clocks and rate indication. These electronic counters can be single or multi-functional unit based that is used for specify the time and rate. Moreover, these electronic counters are sometimes pre-programmed so as to allow user to perform more than one function. These electronic counters includes features such as durable, rugged, compact design and easy to use. However, these electronic counters are expensive and may be difficult to install when compare with a mechanical counter.

The entire circuit of electronic counter is separated into three main parts such as i/p, display and decoder section or a driver. The input of electronic counters circuit also includes LDR. The LDR in electronic counters provides trigger and generates a square wave whenever the bulb focuses on LDR.

Electronic Counters Market: Drivers and Challenges

The major factor driving the adoption of Electronic Counters is the increasing demand among consumer electronic products. These electronic counters are used for setting AC timer, setting timer to take picture through camera, flashing indicator lights in vehicles and others. Electronic Counters can be used as clock dividers too. Many a times on-chip peripherals of processor work at lower frequencies than the actual frequency of processor. The main aim of doing this is to reduce the total power dissipation. These electronic counter include arithmetic functions, controller, batch counter, count totalizer, event counter, preset, pulse counter, delay cycle, position indicator, rate meters or tachometers, and time meters. Reset capability can be none, manual, remote or auto reset (model dependent). Electronic counters are available in several mounting configurations and include stand-alone and other

The key challenge for Electronic Counters market is the high charges of these Electronic Counters. These Electronic Counters are quite expensive so it is less used by small and medium level manufacturers.

Competition Dashboard

Key Contracts:

In April 2015, OPTEL Vision, an electronic counter manufacturer has launched CountSafe™ with Automatic Ejection, a cutting-edge technology for inspecting and automatically rejecting faulty products. The Automatic Ejection for Electronic Counters is a two-axis linear robot that can be adapted and integrated to any Electronic Counter on the market.

In October 2015, The Philippines government has installed electronic counters at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to speed up the immigration processing of travelers.

Key Players

In Electronic Counters market there are many solution providers some of them are Elmor, Advanced corporate solutions, Danaher, Eaton, Crouzet, Red Lion Controls, Inc., Kubler, Trumeter Technologies, KOYO Electronics Industries Co. and others

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