Know Insights on Family/Indoor Entertainment Centers Market Size, Analysis, and Forecasts till 2025

Family/indoor entertainment centers are gaining more popularity from the past decade in all age groups. Indoor entertainment centers are more preferred as an entertainment and leisure option by families over the outdoor entertainment centers, as the environmental factors and climate changes do not affect any fun time or experience to the customers. Customers are choosing Family entertainment centers for spending quality time with friends, children, parents, and other family members because of the availability of entertainment options such as movies, music, gaming, and food & beverages.

New entertainment technologies implemented in the family entertainment centers such as virtual reality gaming, 3D technology, etc. are trending and consumers prefer modern ways of entertainment over traditional entertainment options. Hence, the availability of extensive options for gaming is driving the growth of family entertainment centers market.

Rising income among families is the prime factor leading to the increase in the expenditure capabilities on entertainment and leisure activities. Families having children and young age members are spending more on entertainment activities such as bowling, and arcade games due to increasing interest of children in this kind of games. Moreover, the increasing GDP growth rates are helping individuals to improve their spending capabilities in various activities such as entertainment. Also, the constant demand for the diversified gaming and entertainment options for the customers is generating new technology implementation in the gaming such as virtual reality gaming, Augmented reality gaming, etc. These new innovations in the gaming are also responsible for driving the market demand for the family entertainment centers.

Although, very high establishment cost for the family/indoor entertainment centers is the major challenge for the growth of the market. Also, lack of knowledge about the new entertainment technologies in developing countries is also responsible for restraining the growth of the market.

The major segments of family/indoor entertainment centers market by FEC type include: Arcade Studios, VR gaming zones, Sports arcades

The major segments of family/indoor entertainment centers market by visitor demographics include: Families with Children (0-9), Families with Children (9-12), Teenagers (12-18), Young adults (18-24), Adults (24+)

The major segments of family/indoor entertainment centers market by facility size include: <5000 sq feet, 5,001 to 10000 sq feet, 10001 to 20000 sq feet, 20001 to 40000 sq feet, Above 40000 sq feet

The major segments of family/indoor entertainment centers market on basis of attendance include: <25,000, 25,001 to 50,000, 50,001 to 100,000, 100,001 to 250,000, Above 250,000

The major segments of family/indoor entertainment centers market by revenue source include:Entry fees & Ticket Sales, Food & Beverage, Merchandising, Advertisement, Others

The global family/indoor entertainment centers market is divided into seven regions, namely Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA), North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ).  Among these regions, MEA region is going to account for a large share of the market and lead the global market due to the increasing tourism and higher spending capability of the customers belonging to this region. Eastern and Western Europe follows the MEA region in case of the revenue generation. North America and Latin America are expected to show higher growth rate in terms of revenue generation. APEJ and Japan are expected to grow at highest CAGR owing to changing lifestyles and rising disposable income.

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