Electron Beam (EB) Based Coating Market Participants: 3M united states, RAHN AG, Allnex group, BASF SE

Electron beam (EB) based coating has become a widely adopted method in several manufacturing processes. This method is used to form a thin coating on various surfaces, such as plastic, polymer, wood, automotive parts, etc. – which may be organic as well as inorganic.The coating acts as a protective layer and forms a gas and moisture barrier, increases lamination bonds, offers low migration and reduces corrosion. This coating is applied on semiconductors used in electronic components, and in automotive and aerospace industries to save the surface from corrosive environment by forming a chemical and thermal barrier. It is also used in the optics industry for an anti-reflective coating to improve efficiency of the lens.

In complex systems such as a telescope, anti-refractive coating eliminates stray light by reducing reflection and hence, improves the contrast of the image. In an eyeglass lens, it reduces eye strain, improves vision, and makes the wearer’s eyes more visible to others, which looks more attractive. Electron beam (EB) based coatings minimize stray light and reduce reflections, and hence are a preferred in a number of applications, such as binoculars, automotive, construction, and telecommunication. It is also used in printing and packaging industries in the place of conventional ink. It is used for coating in both, flexible packaging & graphic art, as well as in rigid metal packaging. Also, electron beam (EB) based coatings allow for curing through thick films, which may be either pigmented or clear

The demand for low-cost efficient coatings is driven by short lead time, high quality, reasonable prices and on-time delivery of materials. Hence, these are some of the major drivers of the global electron beam (EB) based coatingmarket over the forecast period. Additionally, low energy consumption, consistent coating quality, low volatile organic compounds, rapid during and drying, abrasion resistance, and superior hardness are some advantages and properties expected to affect the electron beam (EB) based coatingmarket positively. Moreover, increase in the automotive industry, packaging industry, and printing industry will subsequently increase the market for electron beam (EB) based coatings. Rising adoption of certain electronics and communication devices, such as tablets, smartphones, LCDs, SSDs, and LEDs, which use semiconductors with electron beam (EB) based coating,directly contribute to an increase in its demand.

However, high cost of raw materials used in the manufacturing of these coatings and presence of popular substitute such as UV coatings, can act as restraint and hamper growth of the global electron beam (EB) based coatingmarket in the forecast period. Electron beam (EB) based coating isalso used in certain flexible packaging with several new applications, such as replacement of conventional lamination with EB coating, which will affect the electron beam (EB) based coatingmarket positively.

Asia Pacific is considered to be a major market for electron beam (EB) based coatings due to the burgeoning manufacturing sector, which isexpected to project significant growth during the forecast period.High demand from end-user industries, such as semiconductor, electronics, and automotive is anticipated to fuel the electron beam (EB) based coating market growth in Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific is followed by Europe and North America, owing to the booming automotive, aerospace and electronics industries in the regions.

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