Acoustical Fiber Board Market shares and strategies of key players 2018-2027

A new research report on global acoustical fiber boards has been published by Fact.MR, a leading market intelligence organization. The scope of research on global acoustical fiber boards market includes application analysis of acoustical fiber boards, which includes its demand and sales scenario.

The analytical research report on global acoustical fiber boards market includes in-depth analysis on various market facets that have a direct influence on the growth of the global market. This analysis is carried out across key regions in the globe, thus portraying a holistic market research outlook to the reader. The research report also offers intelligence on the key participants involved in the global acoustical fiber boards market. The report has included profiles of Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, ArmCom, Archiproducts, Knauf Insulation, 3M Company, and Rockwool International A/S to name a few.

Scope of acoustic fiber boards, with respect to their application, has grown with their use in residential buildings and apartments apart from music studios and auditoriums. Acoustical fiber boards are gaining high significance owing to their effective noise diffusing and absorption capabilities. Sound proofing by adding mass or damping or decoupling has been a complicated and a time consuming task. With the advent of acoustic fiber boards, the sound proofing of any room can be easily carried out as installation of acoustical fiber boards does not require additional taskforce. Additionally, acoustical fiber boards, apart from noise controlling benefits, also enhance aesthetics of the ceiling. These factors are expected to significantly fuel the adoption of acoustical fiber boards during the period of assessment.

Erection of Power Transmission Lines and Substations in Urban Areas to Push the Demand for Acoustical Fiber Boards

The power transmission lines and substations in urban areas continues to face challenges, in terms of pressures on land, and disturbance to adjoining areas. Noise reduction fibers such as mineral wool cannot meet absorbency requirements especially when the noise is of low frequency or full frequency. This aspect led to the adoption of composite acoustical fiber boards that include porous sound absorbing material for full frequency noise along with resonance sound absorption materials for low frequency noise. This composite acoustical fiber board is a “double-resonance” assembly. The filling material used is environment-friendly, economical, and weather resistant polyester. This assembly of double resonance material and polyester is a significant development in the acoustical fiber board market that offers enhanced noise control and absorption. The growing adoption of these materials is likely to augment the growth of the market during the assessment period.

Growing Demand from Construction Industry Continues to be a Key Driving Factor

The construction industry across the globe is witnessing steady growth, as economies around the globe make a steady recovery. According to National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the United States is expected to witness positive and modest growth in its construction sector in 2018. Spending on construction and infrastructure activities in this region is expected to increase by 5% in 2018. Moreover, in the United States, the residential sector is expected to grow by 6% by 2018 owing to an increase in single families. The growth will not be limited to developed regions alone, as in the emerging countries of India and China, the residential sector anticipated to witness steady growth. The growth in construction industry, coupled with increasing preference for noise reduction and control is expected to create potential avenues for acoustical fiber boards during the period of assessment.

Further, according to AGC (Associated General Contractors of America), spending on construction by single families grew by 9% in the initial months of 2017. AGC predicts that the renovations and rebuilding activities in 2018, especially in areas of Florida, California and Texas, that were devastated due to wildfires, floods and hurricanes, would increase. This is expected to offer potential growth opportunities for adoption of acoustical fiber boards, thus boosting the growth of the global acoustical fiber board market at a significant pace during the period of assessment.

From this extensive research on acoustical fiber boards, the readers can expect a complete, in-depth understanding on the global market spanning across key regions in the globe. The research report includes forecast analysis on the market, which has been carried out for a nine year period, from 2018 till 2027. The research study portrays a complete market intelligence package that the reader can utilize to gain edge in the global market.

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