Shoulder Fired Weapon Market Facts, Figures and Analytical Insights, 2018 – 2028

Shoulder fire weapon is a portable, self- launching weapon used for self-propelled projectile firing at the target. Shoulder fire weapons is further divided into two categories – anti-aircraft and anti-tank that uses the launcher to fire at the target. Factor driving the demand of shoulder fired weapon market includes – need for advanced anti-tank weapons, necessity of long range weapon system, urge to carry light weight weapons, precision strike on enemies’ platform and weapon design constraints. Furthermore, asymmetrical warfare requires portable, mobile, light weight weapons to control the situations. Shoulder fired weapon provide with the significant advantages of anti-bunker, anti-personnel capabilities and anti-tank capabilities to the ground troop. Manufacturers are focusing on upgrading the conventional system and providing their consumers with new and upgraded technology. This is estimated to fuel the demand for shoulder fired weapon market over the near future.

The investments and related expenditure in defense sector of individual countries with respect to military combat weapons in turn has been responsible growth of the Shoulder Fired Weapon market. Some of the prominent driving factors for the growth of global Shoulder Fired Weapon are rise in asymmetrical warfare, modernization of armed forces and increasing need of security. Additionally, the growing spending and investment of several countries on their defense is estimated to propel the demand of the Shoulder Fired Weapons over the forecast period. The Shoulder Fired Weapon markethas been emerging from a lot of time and has become the necessity in the defense sector and for the protection against terrorism activities. The demand to increase the national armory with more advanced weapons and ammunitions by the government authorities has made the Shoulder Fired Weapon market in great demand which is expected to grow even more rapidly in the future. The market for the Shoulder Fired Weapon will remain healthier in coming period as this component has been gaining popularity in all the developing economies across the globe. Some of the prominent countries in the global market, are focused to develop advanced Shoulder Fired Weapon which can directly target the warfare affected areas. The Shoulder Fired Weapon market has been undergoing considerable research, innovation and development to provide superior combat and user safety provisions in the current scenario.  However, with the introduction of automated missile systems and related surface combat equipment devoid of human interface can pose as restraint for the shoulder fired weapon market.

Shoulder Fired Weapon Market Segmentation By components – Ammunition,Rocket Propelled Grenade,Rocket Propelled Grenade, by Warhead Type,Fragmentation,Tandem,High Explosive Anti-Tank,Thermobaric,Rocket Propelled Grenade, by Product Type,Anti-Bunker,Anti-Tank,Anti-Pesonnel,Missile/Rocket,Anti-Aircraft,Anti-Tank,Launcher,Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher,Reloadable,Single Shot,Missile/Rocket Launcher,MANPADS (Anti-Aircraft),MANPATS (Anti-Tank); By Range – Extended Range,Medium Range,Short Range; By

Up gradation in artillery and armor has led to increasing demand for defense and military products in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Korea, India and China. The U.S. and Russia are considered to be the major supplying hub owing to established manufacturing base in respective countries. The market is also expected to depend upon business treaties signed between the supplying nations and borrowing nations on a periodic basis.

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Examples of some of the market participants in the global Shoulder Fired Weapon Market are: Raytheon Company, General Dynamics Corporation, MBDA, Inc., Thales Group, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., KBM Group, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Saab AB, KBP Instrument Design Bureau, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Orbital ATK, Inc., Bharat Dynamics Limited, GenCorp Inc., Nammo AS

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