Natural Vegetable Sugar Market to Undertake Strapping Growth During 2016 – 2026

Sugar is an edible crystalline substance extracted from sugarcane and Beet root. There are two types of sugars one is simple sugar rich in calories and another is complex sugar. Natural vegetable sugar is extracted from sugar rich fruits, vegetables & plants.  Natural vegetable sugar is the alternative and additives that are incorporated in the food for adding sweetness used as sugar substitutes, to avoid health issues caused by use of simple sugar.

Consumption of simple sugar is proven harmful to human health and leads to diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, effect on immune system and many other health concerns. Increased health and diet consciousness in public has enhanced market demand for natural vegetable sugar and products manufactured using natural vegetable sugar. The markets for these natural and naturally derived ingredients & products are growing at a fast rate, creating an immense profit potential for food and beverage manufacturers. The past two decades have witnessed consumers becoming more health conscious and resorting to preventive measures, rather than reactionary ones. Consumers perceive natural ingredients as having a positive impact on general health, while synthetic ingredients have certain detrimental effects on health. As a result, food manufacturers have promptly responded to the situation by completely replacing or partially replacing synthetic ingredients with their natural counterparts.

Natural Vegetable Sugar Market drivers: Natural vegetable sugar is dominating the market over artificial sugar as it has no side effects. Natural sugar market is expected to grow at CAGR of 5% .Not only diet cautiousness and awareness but also the FDA and other regulatory authority’s regulations on the use of food contents have encouraged shift in global market for natural vegetable sugar and products containing natural sugars.

Natural vegetable sugar market is segmented on the basis of its nutritional value as nutritive and nonnutritive. Nutritive sugar provide calories and other minerals when consumed, nonnutritive do not have any nutritional elements. Natural sugar market also been segmented on basis of presence of biomolecules/nutrients into them as: saccharide vegetable sugar and non-saccharide vegetable sugar. Non-saccharides are further classified as sweet Protein as availability of proteins, dihydro halacone, terpenoid, steroidal saponins and dihydroidsocoumarines.

Natural vegetable sugar market segmentation on the basis of the availability of calories; natural caloric sugar and natural zero caloric sugar. On the basis of applications natural vegetable sugar market is further segmented as; beverages, health care & personal care, food i.e bakery, frozen food, confectionary  etc. Natural vegetable sugar  market also segmented on basis of region Americas, MEA, Asia Pacific, Europe and Rest of world, geographical market segmentation is used to study demand, competition, market trends and other economical parameters in different geographies for particular products.

The shift towards natural diet preferences and changing lifestyle has increased market demand for natural vegetable sugar. This has boosted market competition and encouraged new and existing vendor entries into market. Wide choice and value-added offerings of natural sweeteners uplifting the competition bar in the global vegetable sugar market.

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