Pre Filled Saline Syringe Market Prophesied to Grow at a Faster Pace by 2018 – 2028

Increasing medication errors and risk of contamination in multi-dose vials are expected to boost the growth of the pre-filled saline syringes market. Pre-filled syringes offer numerous advantages and are used commonly in flushing of all vascular access devices. They prevent infection outbreaks and cross-contamination due to unit of use dose from large volume bags of normal saline and repetitive usage of multi-dose vials. Pre-filled saline syringes are designed to prevent solution from reentering into non-sterile portion of the syringe and help to reduce contamination.

These syringes are manufactured according to ISMP medication labeling and they help to reduce medication errors. Medication error is the failure in the treatment due to under prescribing, irrational and inappropriate prescribing, or over prescribing of the medication. Sometimes, medication errors also occur due to contamination, adulteration, wrong packaging or erroneous adulteration. All the pre-filled saline syringes are single-use devices and are not provided with any kind of preservatives. This attempt is used to save time and money of the end users and they are also incorporated with two sterilization processes, i.e., terminal sterilization and aseptic sterilization. These sterilization processes are to ensure the product safety from contaminations.

Patient safety is now receiving well-determined attention to increase the quality of life which increases significant opportunity for the manufacturing companies. Prefilled syringes are preferred over conventional vials, as they facilitate various benefits such as less over-filling, safe and convenient use, which increases the demand for prefilled syringes. Prefilled syringes saline delivery is convenient for patient, who need parenteral administration on daily or weekly basis and long-term treatment. The demand for prefilled syringes is increasing as it is designed in accordance with patient acceptance and compliance.

Technological advancements have made injections more user friendly and convenient to perform.  This has motivated patients & physicians to adopt prefilled syringes in chronic illness, and other lifestyle-related diseases. Prefilled syringes are mostly single use, disposable with extra layer of protection, so it is costly and prevents counterfeit. It is difficult to gain access to the primary packaging without destroying the device because of tamper-evident packaging. According to the WHO estimates, about 30% of drugs sold in developing countries, and in some parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America are fraudulent pharmaceuticals.  Packaging technology for prefilled syringe is rapidly evolving with new polymers that are less prone to extractable and leachable and which provide better protection of drugs.

The global market for pre-filled saline syringe is driven by their increasing adoption to decrease the cross contamination of medication. Besides, increase in homecare and self-injectable medicines to avoid visits to hospitals has increased the healthcare spending globally and expected to boost the market. According to the OECD Health at a Glance 2017, the healthcare spending in OECD was about US$ 4000 per person, whereas the U.S. spending accounted for almost US$ 10,000 per person. Other factors such as availability of well-developed manufacturing infrastructure and low-cost labor associated with manufacturing of prefilled syringes have shifted the trend of outsourcing empty prefilled syringes manufacturing to in-house prefilled syringes manufacturing. This strategy have enabled the companies to increase their profitability in the market. In June 2013, Roselabs Biosciences opened Rupees 400 cr pre-filled syringes unit in Ahmedabad to manufacture empty PFS.

Significant portion of the market has been covered by 3 Syringe type, 5 syringe type and 10 syringe type. 3 and 10 syringe type segments collectively hold a large revenue share in the market. This is due to higher adoption among the end-user segments. Moreover, the awareness towards cross-contamination, medication errors and benefits of pre-filled saline syringes over conventional syringes lead to strong positioning of these segments in the overall market.

Hospitals and clinics segments pose a strong position in the market due to high penetration of the prefilled syringes due to rising healthcare concerns and changing government regulations to minimize the errors in the treatment. These end-user segments have significant portion of revenue share in the overall market. However, continuing growth of homecare settings to reduce the hospitals stay is expected boost the growth of the pre-filled saline syringe market. Further, rising awareness among the end users to increase the patient compliance is expected to boost the growth of the prefilled saline syringes market.

Geographically, the global pre-filled saline syringe market is segmented into five key regions viz.  North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa. North America is expected to be a dominant region in the global market due to the high penetration among the customers as well as end users. Europe is expected to hold second large market share in the global pre-filled saline syringe market due to growing awareness.

Examples of some of the players identified in the global pre-filled saline syringe market are Becton, Dickinson and Company, Cardinal Health, MedXL Inc., Guerbet SA, etc. Increasing focus on growing demand for efficient saline delivery in various developed countries is expected to fuel the need for efficient advanced medical equipment. The prefilled syringes reduce dosing errors, increase patient compliance, increase dosing accuracy, convenience, safety and reduce the time of stays in healthcare centers. Increasing government funding for research in advanced medical treatment and target-specific delivery with concern to safety of patients is expected to drive the revenue growth of global prefilled saline syringes market.

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