Impact of Existing and Emerging LoRa Gateway Module Market Trends 2017-2025

The IoT industry is bringing lots of technology and solutions to the market and creating lots of opportunities for chip manufacturers as well as connected devices providers. LoRa Gateway are widely used in Internet of Things, M2M communication and asset tracking. LoRa Gateway Module market is one of the increasing market due to increasing demand for connected devices and growing M2M communication market. LoRa Gateway Modules are used in an extensive variety of IoT applications and M2M applications. The trend for smart devices across the globe is resulting in the quantitative increase in demand of LoRa gateway modules.

LoRa stands for long range radio, LoRa gateway module is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated Things in a regional, national or global network. LoRa gateway modules are enabling public or multi-tenant networks to connect a number of applications running on the same network.

LoRa Gateway Module Market: Drivers and Challenges

The growth of LoRa Gateway Module market is propelled by the increasing adaptation of IoT devices and M2M devices. The emerging trend towards smart connected devices and increased demand for private local area networks are generating high demand for LoRa Gateway Module market. LoRa Gateway Modules in asset tracking application is expected to drive the LoRa Gateway Module market during the forecast period.

The key challenge for LoRa Gateway Module market is the lack of proper standards of connected devices and other major challenges of LoRa gateway module market is worldwide financial uncertainty and macroeconomic situations such as currency exchange rates and economic difficulties are some of the major factors which are hindering the growth of LoRa gateway module Market.

LoRa Gateway Module Market: Segmentation

LoRa Gateway Module market has been classified based on the basis of type and on the basis of applications.

Segmentation on the basis of Type:

The LoRa Gateway Module market, in terms of type includes 433MHz, 470MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz, 923MHz and Others. These are the basic frequency levels of LoRa gateway modules on which LoRa modules are work.

Segmentation on the basis of Application:

LoRa Gateway Modules has are widely used in Internet of Things, asset tracking and M2M communication.

Key Contracts

In July 2017, Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, announced to expansion of LoRaWAN-based network using LoRa devices in china.

Key Players

Semtech corporation, Dapu Telecom Technology Co, Embit, HOPE Microelectronics, IMST GmbH, Libelium, Link Labs, LairdTech, Manthink, Muratam, Multi-Tech Systems, Microchip Technology, NiceRF, Nemeus and others.

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