Mobile Gas Pumping System Market Analysis and Forecast by Future Market Insights

Mobile Gas Pumping System Market: Overview Mobile filling stations is used for refueling of cars, trucks, diesel locomotives, construction or mining machinery as well as for yachts and boats. The mobile gas pumping system is beneficial where fuel station is very far from rural area. Mobile gas pumping system having a fuel filled tanker attached to a vehicle or truck used to supply the fuel to the consumer. Since the past few years, petrol auto rickshaws, petrol bicycles and petrol vans have been using two modular cylinders for providing fuel. However, growing advancements in fuel filling technology have changed the overall fuel filling system. The aviation sector too incorporates a proficient use of this system where regular fuel overhaul/filling is required per trip for an aircraft during takeoff/ landing. Mobile gas pumping systems generally consist of vehicle chassis, tank, pump, and meter and filter unit. Due to safety considerations, the tank should be placed between pump and metering unit & nozzle. However, these days, the metering unit & nozzle & display are placed together with the pump on the chassis of the truck. Furthermore, if a vehicle on road is in urgent need of fuel, the driver can make a phone call easily to fuel mobile units, which will come and fill the vehicle fuel tank. Additionally, manufacturers are installing pumps near the middle or close to the truck engine to enhance fuel economy. Key manufacturers are investing hefty money for innovating double layer anti corrosive materials, which could be easily integrated with existing pump and fuel systems with minimum tool cost.

Mobile Gas Pumping System Market: Dynamics In future, it is anticipated that the global mobile gas pumping system market will grow with healthy CAGR over the stipulated time period. Rising demand for various types of fuels, such as petrol, diesel and CNG, for vehicles owing to increased vehicle fleet and traffic is pivotal factor expected to drive the market during the forecast period. Moreover, most of the rural areas have restricted access to fuel and there are a lot of farm equipment which need fuel to operate which is also anticipated to drive the global gas pumping system market over the forecast period. Additionally demand from aviation sector is also considered to drive the global mobile gas pumping gas system market significantly over the forecast period. The marine sector in the forthcoming period is expected to provide growth opportunities for mobile gas pumping system market.

Stringent government rules pertaining to design and capacity of vehicle as well as hurdles in designing of dispensing nozzles are the two factors anticipated to hinder market growth during the forecast period. Furthermore, for operating mobile fuel gas vehicle, skilled people are required who can fill fuel without wasting it. Shortage of skilled laborers is another factor expected to hamper the market during the forecast periods. Factors, such as gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) or gross trailer weight rating (GTWR), related to fabrication of truck may also hinder the market during the forecast period.

Automatic payment by card is projected to create a revolution in fuel filling systems and open new gateways for the mobile gas pumping system market in future. Key manufacturers are using aluminum for the manufacturing of nozzles owing to its non-corrosive and light weight properties. The utilization of new and upgraded technologies to entice recognized buyers into long-term partnerships is anticipated to be the key trend surveyed by the companies in the global mobile gas pumping system market.

Mobile Gas Pumping System Market Segmentation By fuel type – Petrol,Diesel,CNG,Compressed Hydrogen,Other type of fuel; By tank vehicles – Open tank vehicles,Enclosed tank vehicles,Semi-enclosed tank vehicles,Helicopter,Small airplane,Others; By end user – Airport,Oil & gas Industry,Construction Industry,Transportation sectors,Shipping industry,Others

Mobile Gas Pumping System Market: Regional Outlook It is expected that Asia Pacific will dominate the mobile gas pumping system market owing to increasing number of vehicles along with growing technical advancements in vehicles used in the agriculture industry, such as tractors. North America is expected to grow at a rapid pace owing to increasing manufacturing of mowers, power equipment and low & medium HP tractors in this region. Moreover, Europe and MEA are projected to grow with significant growth rate in this market. It is expected that in the next few years, owing to increasing number of vehicles in this region, Europe may give stiff competition to both Asia pacific and North America.

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