Intelligent Fencing Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2027

In past few years, Integrated Graphics Chipset has gained an enormous interest due to the growing popularity of computer graphics for enhanced gaming and 3-D experience. The demand for integrated graphics cards is increasing significantly to improve the computer performance which indirectly has the positive influence on the growth of the Integrated Graphics Chipset market. The rapid adoption of GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) in various industry verticals such as electronics, IT & telecommunication, and defense & intelligence to deliver enhanced images at a faster pace is indirectly increasing the demand for integrated graphics chipsets market.

The integrated graphics chipset is used in the graphics processor unit which is integrated into the motherboard of the computer and is used to process the graphics displayed on the computer. The various benefits of integrated graphics chipset such as low power consumption and less processing power as compared to dedicated graphics chipsets are playing an essential role in growing popularity of integrated graphics chipsets and thus, driving the growth of integrated graphics chipset market.

Drivers: The increase in mobile gaming audience is the primary factor which is driving the growth of integrated graphics chipset market. The constant changes in the graphics games are also one the major factors which are fueling the growth of integrated graphics chipset market. Moreover, the augmented reality & virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are gaining traction, due to which the integrated chipset market is growing significantly. Also, the increasing adoption of integrated GPU’s, which are used in notebooks, desktops, and workstations to meet the growing need of enhanced visual content by end-customers is also driving the growth of integrated graphics chipset market.

Challenges: Device compatibility is one of the major factors which may hinder the growth of integrated graphics chipset in the near future. Also, to cope up with the continuous demand-shift of gamers for new and better gaming experience is expected to be the primary challenge for integrated graphics manufacturers which may hamper the growth of the integrated graphics chipset market in the near future.

Segmentation of Integrated Graphics Chipset on the basis of device type: Integrated Graphics Chipset Market Segmentation By Device Type – Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, Others; By Industry Vertical – Media & Entertainment, IT & Telecommunication, Defense & Intelligence, Others

Key Players: The prominent players in Integrated Graphics Chipset market are: Intel Corporation, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., ltd., NVIDIA Corporation, IBM Corporation, Fujitsu, ARM Limited, Sony Corporation, Broadcom Corporation, and Imagination Technologies Ltd.

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