Automotive Tube Bending & Assembly Parts Market Intelligence with Competitive Landscape

Automotive tube bending is used for fabrication of the vehicle’s components such as deck support arm, instrument panel tubes, hood braces, engine compartment braces, towel bars and suspension stabilizer tubes. For bending the vehicle’s component mainly three types of die is used pressure die, bend die and clamp die. Wall factor is playing a crucial role in the tube bending, it is the ratio of tube outside diameter to tube wall thickness, which is helpful in to deduce the net hydrodynamic drag force of confining boundaries on the vehicles. Over the last few years, Brazed steel tubing became the popular, produced from continuous copper coated steel strip by cold rolling process, used in braking tube components. Increasing choking problem in the brake assembly in heavy cold or high ice falling area, therefore these tubes is also externally coated by Zinc or Terne, which is a Lead or Tin alloy with 5 to 25% Tin. However, stainless steel is losing its usage as automotive tube bending owing to its disadvantages in terms of susceptibility to localized pitting and crevice corrosion in presence of chloride environments. In future, it is anticipated that the global automotive tube bending & assembly parts market will grow with healthy CAGR.

Increasing vehicle racing activity and increasing higher adoption of light weight electrical vehicle and modification of the vehicle’s body is expected to give positive potential to the global automotive tube bending & assembly market over the forecast period. Additionally, advance designing vehicle’s component software such as CREO 3.0, ALIAS, SHOTGUN and Aerodynamic CFD simulation PLUS has to promising significant impact on the market. Over the last few years, the automotive aftermarket industry has grown, primarily driven by increasing vehicle parc as well as increasing large automotive distributer, player across the aftermarket industry is expected to drive the global automotive tube bending & assembly parts market over the slated time period.

Strict government regulation pertaining to vehicle component weight, width and design is expected to affect the aftermarket segment of the global automotive tube bending & Assembly parts market during the forecast period. Servo electric drive bending machine is creating a revolution in automotive tube bending machinery industry owing to its phenomenal operational feature, for instance zig zag banding, curvature bending, multi-plane bending and helix bending as well as electric drives consume less power, noise level drastically and provides eco-friendly working environment. Furthermore, numerous renowned players such as Volvo, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Lotus and Porsche is also utilizing servo electric drive bending machine for manufacturing braking components.

Automotive Tube Bending & Assembly Parts Market: Segmentation

The global automotive tube bending & assembly parts market can be segmented on the basis of Vehicle Components Assembly: Automotive Tube Bending & Assembly Parts Market Segmentation By Vehicle Components Assembly – Chassis Components,Brake Components,Exhaust System Components,Air Conditioning components,Others; By Bending Styles – Press-type bending,Compression-type bending,Draw-type bending; By Die Type – Bend Die,Clamp Die,Wiper Die,Others; By Machine Tools – CNC tube bender Machine,Multi-Station Tube Processing Machine; By Tube Materials – Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy Steel,Aluminum,Copper,Brass,Others

Europe is expected to dominate in the global automotive tube bending & assembly parts market owing to an increasing fleet of racing vehicle as well as increasing interest of European people to watch racing that result of increased the racing vehicle demand and directly increase the manufacturing rate of bending parts & assembly for racing vehicles. North America is followed by Europe, particularly in a U.S. increasing number of order 707-HP Challenger and Charger Hellcat models is expected to drive the automotive tube bending & assembly market in this region. The market in Asia Pacific region is witnessed to grow with stable CAGR owing to sluggish demand of racing vehicles.

Automotive Tube Bending & Assembly Parts Market: Key Participants: Key Participants for the global automotive tube bending & assembly part market are following: Unison Ltd., YLM Group (YING HAN Technology Co., Ltd.), UltraFit Manufacturing, AMOB S.A., Horn Machine Tools, Inc., Schwarze-Robitec GmbH, TSCO (Tube Specialties Company), Huth-Ben Pearson International, LLC, Advanced Fabricating Machinery, Inc., Q Pacific Manufacturing Corp.

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