Anti-Fog Lights Market Intelligence with Competitive Landscape

Global Anti-Fog Lights Market: Introduction The growing automotive industry has led to higher adoption of equipment such as anti-fog lights in the market. Anti-fog lights help drivers to navigate safely and avoid head-on collision during foggy weather. In the automotive industry, anti-fog lights are generally placed in front of a vehicle below the head lamps. Sometimes anti-fog lights are placed both at the front and rear of vehicles. Anti-fog lights are crucial for vehicles operating in hilly and mountainous areas for safe driving. Lights emanating from anti-fog lamps must be compatible with lights produced by the vehicle’s head lamp, so that the driver can view the road through the car windshield without any strain to the eyes.

Xenon, halogen and LED (Light Emitting Diode) are the different types of materials used in manufacturing of anti-fog lights. Traditionally, Halogen is the most preferable material used for manufacturing of ant-fog lights. But, recently, LED technology is being used in developing anti-fog lights owing to its advantages such as it consumes less amount of battery and has longer lifespan.

Global Anti-Fog Lights Market: Market Dynamics Drivers: Increasing accidents due to foggy weather is one of the major factor that drives the growth of the anti-fog lights market. Moreover, the global vehicle safety organization IRF (International Road Federation) insists that automotive bodies should mandatorily install front and rear fog lights in all vehicles, which is also expected to give traction to the growth of the anti-fog lights market in the near future. Furthermore, increasing installation of anti-fog lights in electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles will also drive the growth of the anti-fog lights market. Besides, rise in air pollution across the world is resulting in increase in smog, which will further increase the demand for anti-fog lights and drive the growth of the anti-fog lights market over the forecast period.

Restraints: In few countries, weather condition does not require the use of fog lights as well as there are no regulations for installation of anti-fog lights in the vehicles. This is expected to be a major factor to hamper the growth of the anti-fog lights market over the forecast period.

Anti-Fog Lights Market Segmentation By Sales Type – OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers),Aftermarket; By Material – Xenon,Halogen,LED (Light Emitting Diode); By Vehicle Type – Passenger Cars,Commercial Vehicles,LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle),HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicle)

Global Anti-Fog Lights Market: Regional Outlook Asia Pacific is expected to be closely followed by North America throughout the forecast period. Both of these markets are expected to witness massive growth in the anti-fog lights market due to the estimated growth in the automotive sector in emerging economics, such as the U.S., China and India. Western Europe is estimated to grow at a substantial CAGR during the forecast period owing to high demand for anti-fog lights in the growing automotive sector in the region. Germany is expected to be the leading automotive and automobile market in Western Europe. Latin America, in particular, is projected to support the growth of the anti-fog lights market due to increasing usage of anti-fog lights in passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the region. Japan and the Middle East and Africa are expected to support the growth of anti-fog lights market over the forecast period owing to increasing hybrid and electric cars manufacturers in this regions.

Global Anti-Fog Lights Market: Key Participants Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global anti-fog lights market include:- OSRAM GmbH,Holophane,GE Lighting,Koninklijke Philips N.V.,Magneti Marelli,HELLA GmbH & Co. ,KGaA,Valeo,Hyundai Mobis,PIAA Corporation,Sammoon Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd.

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