Mirrored Glass Market : Opportunities, Demand and Forecasts, 2018 – 2028

Mirrored glass is popularly known as silvered glass. It is a glass type possessing a metal reflective coating applied to one particular side of the glass. The reflective coating is generally made of either aluminum, silver, chrome or gold. Mirrored glass is also sealed with a protective layer to inhibit the shattering of the glass into many pieces if it breaks. Mirrored glass has been finding important applications such as in enhancing viewing ability and opening up of small, constrained spaces.

It is generally flexible and hence could be applied within a specific furniture type or also as a wall panel. Besides, the more popular general use of mirrored glass in the manufacture of framed and unframed mirrors has been of very high importance. Besides, there are multiple finishing options available for mirrored glass – polishing edges being one of them. Colored as well as tinted mirrored glass are also varieties of mirrored glass that could be applied for specific applications and end uses. Furthermore, drill holes could be made in mirrored glass products for an effective, long lasting installation.

Mirrored glass has been proving to be an important solution to many architectural requirements in recent times. For instance, creation of a virtually invisible façade that could seamlessly blend with the natural landscape could be achieved using mirrored glass. Besides, mirrored glass could also help in eliminating undesired gazes thereby protecting privacy in desired spaces. Simultaneously, it also helps sufficient light to enter these spaces, thereby creating a lively environment.

Considering these important aspects of applications of mirrored glass, the study of the mirrored glass market becomes an important read. Mirrored Glass Market Segmentation By product type – Simple mirrored glass,One-way mirrored glass,Others; By application – Residential construction industry,Commercial construction industry,Aviation industry,Others

Key Trends, Drivers Mirrored glass are being used in a diverse variety of glazing applications for creating an aesthetic appeal. It finds multiple applications in residential as well as commercial construction. The utility of mirrored glass has been found in plenty of applications such as framed as well frameless mirrors.

In recent times, there have been new product developments pertaining to mirrored glass to create new applications. For instance, a new type of mirrored glass has been developed for observation purposes, so as to allow the observer to monitor a particular location discreetly to maintain confidentiality of observation. These characteristics have been finding increasing applications in interior design and external architectural applications enabling the user to control others’ ability to look into or out of a room or the confined space. These advanced mirrored glasses are also being used to make monitors and displays become invisible when switched off. When switched on, the monitor or display becomes visible again on the rear side of the mirrored glass. Besides, the advent of superior technology has been resulting into mirrored glass being produced with enhanced features, such as a much superior mirror effect on account of a multi-layer, optical thin-film magnetron coating.

New mirrored glass products also offer true-to-source color reflection. The high quality coatings applied in the manufacture of mirrored glass also provide higher durability and abrasion resistance properties, which comply with ISO standards. The ultra-violet transmission has reduced from low to zero. Besides, recently designed mirrored glass products are provided with protective films. These favorable product developments with regard to mirrored glass products have been contributing to the demand growth of mirrored glass at a global level, thereby driving the growth of the mirrored glass market.

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