Lithium Ion Battery Separator Market : Opportunities, Demand and Forecasts, 2016 to 2026

The Lithium ion battery separator shutdowns the mechanism of the battery when abnormal heat generation occur with the battery cell. Lithium ion battery separators are also used to prevent physical contact between anode and cathode while facilitating ion transport thereby preventing short circuit and increasing reliability of the lithium ion battery. Lithium ion battery separator are primarily manufactured from non-woven fiber, polymer films and ceramic material, where porous membrane are commonly used with these materials in manufacturing of lithium ion battery separator due its low manufacturing cost, prevent mixing of chemicals and improved mechanical properties.

Key manufacturers of the market are shifting from use of polymer separator to ceramic coated lithium coated lithium ion battery separators which improved life cycle and increase the performance of lithium ion battery.Due to stringent government regulations on automotive and industrial sector for carbon emission due to which manufacturers are shifting towards lithium ion battery in automobiles and for industrial applications which lead to the growth of lithium ion battery separator market. Growing consumption of smartphones, tablets and electronics products are positively impacting the growth of lithium ion battery separator market, globally.

Global automotive manufactures are more focus on manufacturing vehicles that utilize electric drivetrains, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, including battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles which also leads to the growth of lithium ion separator market.Low heat resistance of the separator leads to the melting of separator results in shut down of the battery and safety concerns associated with the use of polyolefin separator are restraining the growth of global lithium ion battery market. To overcome such restraints key manufacturers of market are increasing porosity of the membrane and using composite materials in manufacturing of separator which improves the safety and reliability of the battery.

Global Lithium Ion Battery Separator Market Segmentation Based on material used: Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Nylon, Others ( nanofibers and microfibers materials ); Based on temperature resistance: 10 oC -25 oC, 130 oC-135 oC; Based on thickness: 16µm, 20µm, 25µm Growing demand of smart phones and tables in developing countries of Asia Pacific such as India and China. This rise in demand lead to boost the consumption of portable batteries results in the growth of lithium ion battery separator market, globally. Japan holds the maximum share in the global lithium ion battery separator market followed by North America. Whereas significant growth lies Western Europe for coming years. In addition Middle East and Africa and Eastern Europe holds the minimum share in lithium ion battery separator market.

The key players of lithium ion battery separator includes Asahi Kasei Group, Daramic, Entek International LLC, Targray Technology International Inc., Freudenberg & Co. KG, Mitsubishi Plastics Inc., TEIJIN Limited, Porous Power Technologies LLC, UBE Industries Ltd., W-Scope Corporation, SK Innovation Co Ltd, Celgard LLC and Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited Research and development department of manufacturing companies are focusing on reducing the thickness of separator by using nonwoven materials and increasing thermal stability & wettability by using composite separators. Key players of the market such as Ube Industries, SK Innovation etc. are expanding their production capacities in foreign regions to strengthen their global presence.

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