Dithiocarbamates Market : Industry Trends and Developments 2018 – 2028

Dithiocarbamates are primarily a broad class of chemicals which are used in the vulcanization process of rubber and also as fungicides in the agricultural sector. They are a functional group in the study of organic chemistry. They are the analog of a carbamate in which both oxygen atoms are replaced by sulfur atoms. Common examples of dithiocarbamates include ethylene bis di thiocarbamates, metam sodium and thiram. Dithiocarbamates are also known to be metal chelating agents and are known to restrict the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, through the chelation of the copper containing part of the dopamine-β-hydroxylase enzyme. Organic dithiocarbamates have been gaining importance on account of their special chemical characteristics and applications in organic synthesis processes. These dithiocarbamates have also been finding multiple applications in the field of agriculture as well as in healthcare sectors. Dithiocarbamates are used as pesticides, fungicides as well as vulcanization accelerators.

They are also used as anti-oxidants. Dithiocarbamates display strong metal binding capacities. Hence, they could also be used as inhibitors of enzymes. They are also known to have an insightful effect on biological systems. In recent times, dithiocarbamates have been finding important applications in the healthcare industry, such as in treatment of cancer as well as HIV. Zinc dithiocarbamates find applications in the modification of the cross-linking of specific polyolefins with sulfur. The process is known as vulcanization, an important process in the rubber & tyre manufacturing industry. These dithiocarbamates are also used as ligands, in the metal chelating processes.

Dithiocarbamates Market Segmentation By product type – Ferbam,Maneb,Mancozeb,Metiram,Thiram,Ziram; By application – Rubber industry,Agrochemicals industry,Paints & coatings industry,Pulp & paper industry,Textiles & fabric industry,Leather industry,Plastics industry,Wood industry

Key Trends, Drivers There has been a rapid growth of the agriculture sector in recent times. The need to produce higher quantity as well as higher quality of crop yield for a specified amount of land area has been necessitating the use of high quality agrochemicals such as fungicides & pesticides across the globe. Hence, dithiocarbamates have been gaining rising importance as agrochemicals in the past few years as effective fungicides to assist farmers attain higher crop yield. They are being used for the elimination of fungal infections on fruit plants as well as vegetables. Besides, their rising use in the form of sodium di ethyl dithiocarbamate being deployed for vulcanization process in the tyre and rubber industry.

Zineb (ethylene bis (dithiocarbamate) zinc) has been finding rising applications as a foliar fungicide and has also been registered for use on a diverse range of field crops, fruits and vegetable types. Besides, dithiocarbamates have been gaining increased applications in anti-fungal applications for ornamental plants, and in the treatment of many seeds in the agriculture sector. Besides, extensive mold control could be achieved by applying dithiocarbamates in various other industrial applications. These factors are expected to drive the growth of the dithiocarbamates market at a global level over the next few years.

However, dithiocarbamates have produced contradictory results in mutagenicity tests, which could hamper their preference in certain applications. This could in turn, hamper the growth rate of the dithiocarbamates market at a global level. The situation could be aggravated by the fact that carcinogenic and teratogenic properties have been reported for ethylene thiourea – which happens to be the prime metabolic and degradation product of ethylene bis pesticides (dithiocarbamates).

Market Participants Examples of the market participants in the dithiocarbamates market are as follows:Ricca Chemical Company,Avantor Performance Materials, LLC,NBS Biologicals,Gelest, Inc.,Spectrochem,Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp,Alfa Aesar,Scharlab, S.L.,American Elements,Columbus Chemical Industries, Inc.

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