Content Delivery Network Security Market to Record Sturdy Growth by 2027

The Content Delivery Network Security systems market, is expected to witness heavy double digit CAGR in the near future. As the number of internet users proliferate, the Content Delivery Network are highly adopted nowadays. Additionally, the number of cyber security attacks are rising, which is the main factor anticipated to lead to rise in the Content Delivery Network Security market. The market for Content Delivery Network security has high growth potential and therefore, holds a substantial revenue share in the security markets. Content Delivery Network is a system of servers which are used to distribute the web pages and content, to the users which are at different geographical locations. The method helps in delivering the content to the user at a faster speed, especially the global sites which have high traffic.

Increasing number of application layer security attacks and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, leaving the data vulnerable, is the key factor driving the market of Content Delivery Network security market. Having a fast internet access is nowadays necessary for everyone, may it be a huge enterprise or an individual. This tremendous usage of internet across the world can only be fulfilled if advanced technologies such as Content Delivery Network and cloud services are used. But, in addition, to offering a large number of advantages, these technologies suffer from the limitation of attacks which can make the important services unavailable by overwhelming the sites with multiple sources.

All this can prove harmful for the banks, government and other financial institutions. These organizations possess the most critical assets and information, hence it is crucial for them to manage and secure it. As a result, with the rising adoption of cloud-based services, the market for Content Delivery Network systems, is anticipated to witness heavy adoption in near future.  Also with the advancing technologies, a large amount of R&D, is in progress in this field, which is expected to drive the growth of the market.However, budget constraints, high costs involved and lack of awareness about Content Delivery Networks are the primary reasons that can thwart the growth of Content Delivery Network Security market.

Global Content Delivery Network Security market is segmented on the basis of Application, End- User, Industries and region.On the basis of Application, the global Content Delivery Network Security market can be segmented into Web Application Firewall, Authentication Management, DNS, DDoS Protection, Bot Mitigation and Other Applications . On the basis of End- User the global Content Delivery Network Security market can be segmented into Large Enterprise and Small & Medium Enterprise.On the basis of Industries, the global Content Delivery Network Security market can be segmented into BFSI, Healthcare, IT & Telecom, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing and Other Industries.

In February 2017, Radware Ltd., signed a deal with an established Content Delivery Network in order to enhance the Content Delivery Network Security services provided by the company.The key vendors in the global Content Delivery Network Security market are Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Akamai Technologies, Cloudflare, Limelight Networks, Distil Networks, Nexusguard, Radware Ltd, Verizon Digital Media Services, StackPath and Arbor Networks.

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