Changing Landscapes of Guar Gum in India

Guar gum is also known as guaran which is an ingredient that is made up of guar beans. It consists of stabilizing and thickening properties that is useful in various industries, but mainly in food industry and hydraulic fracturing industry. Guar seeds undergo the process of dehusking, milling and screening for obtaining the guar gum. Typically, it is formed as a free-flowing powder that is off-white in color and moreover is categorized as a galactomannan. According to a research firm, Future Market Insights, there is increase in the use of guar gum application in the manufacturing of drugs and is highly beneficial for managing health disorders. Additionally, the study mentions that global guar gum market is likely to surpass US$ 1,300 Mn by the end of 2026.

The study also observes that Lamberti, Rama industries, India Glycols Ltd, Supreme Gums Pvt. Ltd, Ashland Inc., Lucid Group, Cargill Inc., Shree Ram Gum, Hindustan Gums, Vikas WSP and Jai Bharat Gum are some of the key companies working in the global guar gum market. Amongst these, Vikas WSP has recently made news for its development in the guar gum along with soaring crude prices of guar gum.

Vikas WSP loads An Export Order of Guar Gum for Wide-Ranging Food Applications

According to a recent news, Vikas WSP loads an export order which is meant for trial, for Rs 118 crore of anew developed Guar Gum. This event took place in order to use it for lacto-fermented as well as suitable food applications from the customers of MNC which is also inclusive of Unilever, China.

Vikas WSP had mentioned that their management is working on all its activities for evolving new and advanced guar gum products for supplying into wide-ranging food applications. The company further stated that the operations are expected to come into practice within three to five months. Vikas WSP is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of guar gum powder that supplies to each sector of the food industry along with a wide-ranging quality products.

Soaring Prices of Crude Oil Increases Exports of Guar Gum

The guar gum’s demand has increased in North America that has amplified shalegas and oil exploration output. This event took place as a result of soaring prices of crude oil among output cuts by world’s largest energy exporting bloc members and Russia. Since October, prices have risen by around 15%, due to which there is less production of guar and the prices are expected to remain firm for a while. Sources related to trade had mentioned that guar gum rigs’ prices have increased by 25% in the duration of 3months. As a result, guar gum is considered as a feasible preference for rigs.

India is the foremost exporter of guar gum, which accounts for nearly 80% of the global production followed by Pakistan. It has been said that India produced guarseed of around 7lakh tonnes in kharif 2017, which is half of the country’s production in kharif 2016. Chimique India’s director, Rajesh Kedia, had mentioned that guar seeds’ prices at farm gate level has increased by nearly 15% in the past 3 months and at present are soaring around 92% kg.

In North America, various activities have been taking place with regards to higher oil-rigs. This has in turn strengthened the demand for guar gum. In US, active rotary rigs’ number has increased by one along with oil prices moved past $65 a barrel. It is also said that the number of oil rigs all over the country last week, stayed stable at 747 whereas gas rigs increased by 1 to 184. Moreover, the count has increased by 278 as compared to last year at the same period, along with oil rigs that has been increased by 224 as well as gas rigs by 55.

Apart from the above mentioned information, guar gum powder is also used for various other applications:

  • Pour control
  • Process aid
  • Clouding/Bodying
  • Binding
  • Water Phase control/ Water Retention
  • Preservation
  • Emulsification
  • Stabilization
  • Suspension
  • Thickening/ Viscosifying/ Gelling
  • Guar gum is also used as a safe food additive

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