BlackBerry Provides More Security to Microsoft Products through New Software Bridge

BlackBerry Ltd. has made an announcement of launch of a new way to improve security of commonly-utilized Microsoft Corp. cloud and mobile software in response to widen consumer awareness of need for the protection of sensitive data. Both the companies jointly made an announcement recently that they have collaborated on a software bridge between BlackBerry’s high-secure operating environment and Microsoft’s suit of applications for enterprises.

The bridge is likely to deliver different BlackBerry security features for Microsoft Excel, Word as well as other programs installed on tablets, smartphones or on computers utilizing key operating systems like Windows, iOS or Android. The new level of integration between Microsoft and BlackBerry is likely to deliver more precise way to decide who has access to documents, under what circumstances and for how long. For instance, consultant, supplier or employee could get personal access to presentation or spreadsheet for 24 hours however, they cannot forward it to anyone else.

Mark Wilson, chief marketing officer at BlackBerry stated at a press briefing that organizations are starving for ways to enhance cybersecurity for the highly connected workforce. BlackBerry secure all the collaborations and communications within those organizations. Such as BlackBerry shares its product road maps with consumers. However, Blackberry has already provided security to those files, where no one can share those files with anyone else outside of their organization. Additionally. BlackBerry is planning to put time limit on each file and kill them off after a month. Companies don’t need to kill the document manually, BlackBerry provides rights of the document therefore security travels with the document. The document can be killed at any instance.

BlackBerry Enterprise Bridge, the software that generates connections to Microsoft application environment is undergoing final consumer trials and is likely to be sold on the basis of per-user’s subscription when it will be launched commercially. However, company has not disclosed the final price of the product.

BlackBerry is getting 75% of revenue through enterprise software, which is utilized by government departments, businesses and police fire as well as some other organizations. Mr. Wilson stated that BlackBerry’s marketing strategies have also been evolved owing to its plan to reach to 40 thousand business people across the globe rather than reaching billions of consumers. Wilson further stated that it is better to utilize various tactics to go after set of enterprises, which BlackBerry wanted to go after. For instance, BlackBerry is likely to hold series of events in ten cities, starting with San Francisco on May3 and ending with Amsterdam in June. The second stop of the journey will be Ottawa to address highly government-oriented based. BlackBerry will address broader client base in Toronto, the only Canadian stop. While Blackberry is fraction of the size of Microsoft, it maintains its leading position in the enterprise security, which was the feature of BlackBerry phone contributed more to their success.

Abhishek Budholiya

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