Emerging Technologies to Boost the Demand for Barcode Scanners in Various Sectors

With the introduction of innovative technologies, there has been an increase in adoption of barcode scanners in various sectors. Being inexpensive, user-friendly and eliminating possibility of errors has resulted in increasing use of barcodes in various sectors such as healthcare, retail and manufacturing. Healthcare sector is witnessing a rise in adoption of barcode technology, owing to its ability to provide error-free data, thereby ensuring patient safety. The retail industry is also seeing the rapid growth in barcode scanners, emerging as one of the best solutions for capturing product information.

According to the report by Future Market Insights (FMI), North America is expecteBarcode Scanner Marketd to dominate the barcode scanner market by exceeding 30% value share by 2017 end. The region is also anticipated to register 6.9% CAGR between 2017 and 2027. While showcasing significant growth, the sales of barcode scanners in the U.S. is projected to reach $1404.8 million by 2017 end. Major retailers such as Costco, IKEA and Walmart use barcodes on all the products, hence this is driving the demand for barcode scanners in North America. Moreover, the North America is also adopting high-end barcode scanners such as omni-directional scanners, rugged scanners and cordless scanners.

Innovative technologies to increase the demand for barcode scanners

The demand for barcode scanners is also increasing due to the rise in innovative technologies and launch of new products offering easy access to data and saving time. Major companies are also introducing innovative products, for instance, Amazon has introduced a new version of barcode scanning gadget known as Dash Wand, with inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant Alexa. It’s like a wand which can be used to scan the barcode and automatically adds it to the shopping cart on Amazon. The user can also scan the jar to place the same order sitting at home, for example, if the user wants to place an order of deodorant, the Dash Wand can be used to scan the barcode on the container of deodorant and it will be added to the Amazon cart.

Microsoft has also announced a new app that can help visually impaired to experience the world around them. The app uses phone’s camera to capture information and then it is spoken to the user in real time. Some of the features are reading documents, face recognition and a feature to identify different bank notes. The most interesting feature is the barcode scanner, this can be used by a person to hear information about the product such as best before date, ingredients, cost, etc.

Barcode scanners are also becoming popular among different industries. For example, Xiangshui Space, a nap capsule company has started renting sleeping capsules to working professionals in Beijing. These sleeping capsules use barcodes, hence the person can rent a capsule using a barcode scanner and an in-app wallet.

Rise in demand for barcode scanners in healthcare

Hospitals are using barcode scanners to track patient records and to eliminate drug and dosage related errors. Moreover, barcode solutions help hospitals in the patient admission process and track medication throughout their entire stay. Barcode wristbands are also being used and patient information is updated based on patient’s need. This helps doctors to easily access critical patient information.

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