Worldwide Tunable Diode Laser Analyser Market to Witness a Healthy Y-o-Y Growth During 2015-2025

The tunable diode laser analyser uses accurate and highly responsive measuring signals for process control systems and hence helps in improving yields, safety and energy efficiency in various industrial processes.The key market driver for tunable diode laser analyser is the growth in the industries such as oil & gas, cement, metal and power which demands for analysers, emission monitoring and incineration. Tunable diode laser analyser has high component selectivity, easy maintenance, low installation cost and fast response which makes it a preferred device in broad range of industrial processes.

Tunable diode laser analyser is one of the critical factor which provides crucial information about the chemical composition in the process industries. Tunable diode laser analyser has large opportunity in process industry as its applications are not restricted to monitoring only. It also contribute towards the preservation of environment and reduction of running cost. However the key challenge faced by tunable diode laser analyser is the rising infrastructure cost which may inhibit the market growth.

A tunable diode laser analyser is a sophisticated device used to identify the concentration of sample gas with high selectivity of gas components. A tunale diode laser analyser identifies the chemical composition of compounds and measure the concentration of the element without any contact. This measuring device identifies the proportion of methane, water vapour, carbon dioxide and many other gaseous mixture by irradiating the sample with light from a tunable diode laser. Tunable diode laser analyser measures corrosive and highly hazardous gases.


Tunable Diode Laser Analyser Market Segmentation On the basis of end user industry: chemical/petrochemical, Power/ utility, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Food and Beverages, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Cement, Glass; On the basis of application: Gases (Syngas, Coke-oven Gas, Refinery Fuel Gas, Natural gas, Green House Gas, Flare Gas, Tail Gas, Fertilizer Off Gas), DeNOx, Incineration, Emission Monitoring, Boilers, Carbon Black Producers, BFO, BOF, SRU, FTC/GTC for Aluminium, Nuclear, Fertilizer Urea, Electric Arc Furnace, Others

Currently APAC has the largest market share for tunable diode laser analyser, followed by North America. It is expected that Europe will have the fastest growth rate as compared with other regions. As the demand of chemical industries is increasing, North America is also expected to have a significant market share in global tunable diode laser analyser market during the forecast period. Some of the market participants in the global tunable diode laser analyser market are Yokogawa, Servomex, Siemens AG, Honeywell, Sick AG, Emerson Process Management, ABB ltd, Neo Monitors, Mettler Toledo, Ametek Process Instruments.

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