Mobile Handset Protection Market to See Incredible Growth During 2017 – 2027

Mobile handsets have become an integral part of consumer’s daily lives in this growing communication driven environment. Smartphone penetration and proliferation has compelled the need of appropriate security methods to inhibit misuse, device theft, and damage. In case of loss, damage or malfunctioning of mobile handsets, the mobile protection program ensures.Cost benefits of buying mobile device protection as opposed to purchasing replacement drives is also major factor driving the growth of mobile protection market. Moreover, these services also help in improving customer satisfaction and improve customer care expenses, thus by obtaining support from mobile operators and retailers.Minimal cost assistance of providing protection services to the lower price mobile devices is the major challenge faced by most of the vendors in the Mobile Handset Protection market.

Global Mobile Handset Protection Market: Market Segmentation

Global Mobile Handset Protection Market can be divided into four segments, on the basis of protection provider, pricing model, sales channel, and region.Segmentation on the basis of the protection provider for Mobile Handset Protection Market as Major player operating in Mobile Handset Protection market includes Squaretrade, Asurion LLC, CAN Financial Corp., Liberty Mutual, American International Group Inc., Verizon Wireless, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile, Apple Inc., and Walmart.

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