Hybrid Cloud Storage Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2017 – 2027

Hybrid Cloud Storage Market: Introduction: Challenges such as keeping a secure backup and lack of storage space on either a cloud or on-premise was eliminated with the introduction of hybrid cloud storage as hybrid cloud storage, in integration, uses both on-premises and cloud storage services.

Hybrid Cloud Storage supplements on-premise storage in addition to public cloud storage by keeping frequently used data on-premise while storing the inactive data on cloud simultaneously. Hybrid cloud storage, henceforth, enables flexibility in operation and efficiently undergoes the process of transferring data between the two environments. Different organizations use hybrid cloud storage differently. For some hybrid cloud storage is a mediator between their on-site data storage and public cloud, while for some hybrid cloud storage leverages the scalability of cloud computing to have an access to a more stable and flexible storage platform.

Hybrid Cloud Storages are widely adopted by enterprises whose volume of storage is considerably high. However, due to several benefits offered, high demand for hybrid cloud storage is witnessed from both large and small & medium sized enterprises.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Market: Drivers and Challenges, Segmentation, Key Players

Low costs associated with an enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution, due of its consolidated storage infrastructure and automated data management, is a major factor driving the growth of hybrid cloud storage market. Furthermore, added security offered to the enterprises is the primary reason for high demand witnessed, for hybrid cloud storage. In addition to this, added features such as flexibility, stability, faster data recovery and reduced latency are expected to drive the overall hybrid cloud storage market.

The complexity observed in maintaining an efficient network across both cloud and on-premise is one of the restraining factor for hybrid cloud storage market. Additionally, compatibility across dual levels of infrastructure to run different stacks efficiently, is another major challenge faced by hybrid cloud storage.

Global Hybrid Cloud Storage Market can be segmented on the basis of Enterprise Type & Industry Verticals. Segmentation for Hybrid Cloud Storage Market by Enterprise Type: On the basis of Enterprise Type, Hybrid Cloud Storage Market can be segmented as: Large Enterprises, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; Segmentation for Hybrid Cloud Storage Market by Industry Verticals: On the basis of Industry Verticals, Hybrid Cloud Storage Market can be segmented as: Government & Public, BFSI, Retail, Healthcare, Telecommunication and IT, Media and Entertainment,  Others

Some of the key players in the Hybrid Cloud Storage market are IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, NetApp, Amazon Web Services, Inc., VMware, Inc., Micro Focus, Google Cloud Platform, Dell Inc., Rackspace, Inc., Panzura, Spectra Logic Corporation, Cloudian and Quantum Corporation.

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