Carton Sealing Tape Market Global Industry Analysis, Trends and Forecast, 2017 – 2027

Advance packaging technology has enabled manufactures to increase their geographical outreach, goods are being transported from one part of the world to another. Commonly goods are packed in multiple layers of primary and secondary packaging. Carton boxes dominates the secondary packaging type as they are widely available and compatible with most of the primary packaging types. Typically, for sealing of these boxes pressure sensitive tapes are used. These tapes commonly have plastic film as a backing material. In some cases, for strengthening of tape structure it is even reinforced glass fibre or other materials. Pressure sensitive tapes are easy to handle and do not require much investment. Manufacturer may print the tape for advertisement or brand promotion.

Carton Sealing Tape Market: Market Dynamics Rigid packaging is typically preferred when it comes to protection of product from external shocks. World rigid packaging market is estimated to be over US$ 589 Bn in 2017 and carton holds a significant part of the world rigid packaging. The use of carton on such a large scale is the key driver for carton sealing tapes across the globe. The introduction of tamper evident technology has further boosted the growth in carton sealing tape market. Ease in application, low cost of raw material are some other factors supporting the growth in the use of carton sealing tape market. Water activated tapes is another type of carton sealing tapes, improved printability and use of biodegradable adhesives and backing material is the key driver for water activated carton sealing tapes. Increasing consumer preference for e retail format is also increasing the use of carton sealing tape and positively influencing carton sealing tapes market.

However, pressure sensitive tapes holds the largest share in carton sealing tapes market and the inefficiency of pressure sensitive tapes on dusty surface may hamper the growth in carton sealing tapes market. Use of plastic material for manufacturing of packaging tapes creates a lot of packaging waste which further may hinder the growth of the carton sealing tapes market. Use of Gummed tapes may eliminate the draw backs of plastic film backed carton sealing tape, but it requires tape dispensers which may add additional burden for small scale manufacturers

Carton Sealing Tape Market Segmentation By Product Type – Water Activated Tape, Pressure Sensitive Tapes; By Material Type – Paper, Plastic(PP, PE, Others); By Adhesive Type – Starch, Rubber Based Adhesive(Natural, Synthetic), Acrylic Adhesive; By End Use – Food And Beverages, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Homecare, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Electrical and Electronics, Shipping and Logistics, Others (Medical, Automotive, Etc.)

Being the world’s largest manufacturer APEJ region is expected to contribute the largest share in carton sealing tapes market. North America is expected to follow APEJ region in carton sealing market due to the large per capita consumption of goods. Western and Eastern Europe being the matured region are expected to grow moderately during the forecast period. Latin America and MEA region are expected to perform below average in carton sealing tape market. Japan has the highest per capita spending on packaging and is expected to contribute significant share in carton sealing tape market.

Carton Sealing Tape Market – Key Players: Some major players of the carton sealing tape market are 3M Company, Berry Global, Inc., Intertape Polymer Group Inc., Apollo Industries, Can-Do National Tape, Pro Tapes & Specialties, Inc., Vibac Group S.p.a., World Packaging Co., Inc., Primetac Corporation, Powerpack LLC, Bagla Group, Nitto Denko Corporation and Advance Tapes International.

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