High Friction Films Market Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2027

High friction films are polyester films. These films are biaxially oriented and coextruded which has very high coefficient of friction on one of its side. High friction films are generally used in bulk packaging. Frictional properties of these films help in preventing bags or any other products from skidding and damaging. High friction films improve pallet stability and proves useful in applications such as commodity food packaging products, bulk packaging products, fertilizer bags primarily for transportation of products as well as enhancing its stability. Its other side is chemically treated in order to provide better printability or smooth ability to be used on machines. High friction films are available in wide range of thicknesses. These films have several different properties which makes them suitable for varied industries. It possesses features such as excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperature, good resistance to moisture and excellent barrier against wide range of gases.  These factors increase the preference for high friction films among manufacturers and suppliers across the globe. Therefore, the outlook for the global high friction films market is expected to be largely positive, over the forecast period.

Global high friction films market: Dynamics The ability to possess high coefficient of friction so that it keeps bags and products stable during transportation and improves stacking during handling or storage is expected to drive the demand of global high friction films over the forecast period. The factor which is expected to upsurge the demand of high friction films is its capability of shrinkage over a wide range from 0.1% to as high as 75%. Therefore, they are highly versatile. These films have very good printability and have excellent ink and metal adhesion, which makes them suitable for the manufacturers in order to promote their products. In addition, these films have very good optical and thermal properties. Thus, high friction films can withstand wide range of temperature, therefore, it prevents the product from damage. High friction films market is growing with increase in industries and manufacturing units, where bulk packaging is required. High friction films are suitable for industries, such as food industries, chemical & fertilizers, and others. It will drive the global high friction films market during the forecast period. These films are economically feasible, and therefore, it is anticipated that the global high friction films market will enjoy a healthy growth during the forecast period.

High Friction Films Market Segmentation By thickness – Up to 20 microns,20-50 microns,50 microns & above; By coating – Chemically treated,Corona treated;By coating – High,Medium,Low;By end use industry – Food Industry,Chemical & Fertilizers Industry,Others

The APeJ region is expected to play a pivotal role in driving growth of the global high friction films market over the forecast period, due to growing food and fertilizer industries in this region. China and India are especially expected to drive the APeJ market due to presence of prominent manufacturers. The APeJ region is expected to witness high growth over the forecast period. North America and Western European regions are anticipated to witness moderate growth over the forecast period due to availability of various alternatives. Latin America is expected to witness average growth due to recession in the region and less investment in industrial infrastructure. Eastern Europe is expected to witness sluggish growth due to the effects of recession. MEA region is expected to witness below average growth due to higher dependency on imports and exports. Japan is expected to witness average growth during the forecast period.

Global high friction films market: Key Players The key players operating in the global high friction films market are – Ester Industries Ltd., Toray Plastics (America) Inc., FlexFilms Ltd., Jindal Poly Films Ltd., TEKRA, A Division of EIS, Inc., SKC Inc. and among others.

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