Programmable Logic Device (PLD) Market Volume Analysis, Segments, Value Share and Key Trends 2017 – 2027

Due to higher flexibility, programmability and reconfiguration properties, the programmable logic device has undergone significant changes, over the past few years. The programmable logic device, which is also known as field programmable logic used for the development of integrated circuit. The main feature of PLD is that it can be reprogrammed any number of times which help to end-users while developing new circuitry.

These can be constituted to execute a particular function by the user based on the requirements and reprogrammed on the same circuit which leads to low cost in designing and ease at integration. The programmable logic device enables intricate digital logic designs to be implemented by the user on a single device and is capable of being erased and reprogrammed with a new design for other function.Rapid advancement in field programmable gate array (FPGAs) are increasing the demand for the programmable logic device.

Re-programmability is the prominent factor as PLDs can be reprogrammed without being removed from the circuit board and low cost of design as it is implemented on a single device etc. are the drivers of programmable logic device (PLD) market. On the other hand, factors such as complex design structure, power consumption and lack of standardized framework and workflows may act as a major constraint for programmable logic device (PLD) market.

Programmable Logic Device (PLD) Market Segmentation By Product Type – Simple Programmable Logic Device (SPLDs), (Read-only Memory [ROM], Programmable Logic Array [PLA], Generic Array Logic [GAL], Programmable Array Logic [PAL]), High Capacity Programmable Logic Device (HCPLDs), (Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLDs), Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGAs)); By Logic Block Type – Look-up Table, Multiplexer-based, PLD Block, NAND Gate, Multiplexers and Basic gates, Transistor pairs and Multiple

Global Programmable Logic Device (PLD) Market: Competition Landscape: Few prominent players in Programmable Logic Device (PLD) market include Atmel Corporation, Xilinx, Inc., Altera Corporation, Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, Actel Corporation, QuickLogic Corporation, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, NEC Corporation and Texas Instruments Incorporated.Programmable Logic Device (PLD) Market: Regional Outlook: Programmable logic device is expected to hold largest share in North America followed by Latin America, Western Europe, APEJ and MEA region. North America dominance is attributed to the wide presence of key programmable logic device manufacturers. On the other hand, APEJ and Japan are expected to grow significantly as compared to the other region in programmable logic device (PLD) market.

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