Smart Mat Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2027

In past few years, Smart Mat technology has gain an enormous interest due to the radical advancement in the lifestyle of people. Due to the innovation in fitness technology and sensor network, the global market of Smart Mat is growing significantly. The increased awareness of healthy lifestyles is also fueling the growth of Smart Mat market. Smart Mat is not only used for physical activities such as yoga and exercises but also used in emergency management system to raise the IQ of emergency systems by providing real time information of individual in the building or home.

Smart Mat is a responsive yoga mat that interacts with the smart phone or other device with the help of in-mat sensors that gives real-time feedback to achieve right alignment, pose and balance at the time of practice. Smart Mat is constructed of similar materials and having similar thickness to existing yoga mats. The Smart Mat is easily portable and is also helps to detect, count and tracks people with great accuracy and without the use of video cameras. All these features of Smart Mat are supporting the adoption of Smart Mat and ultimately helps in fueling the growth of Smart Mat market. Also, this technology has a potential to completely transform the yoga experience of an individual.

The digitalization in fitness technology is the primary factor which is driving the growth of Smart Mat market. Also, the rising popularity of yoga and fitness is the key driving factor which is fueling the growth of Smart Mat market. Apart from this, the increase in the number of health clubs and gyms and increasing focus of manufacturers on the use of natural and recyclable raw materials such as natural rubber, jute, cotton and others are playing an important role in high adoption of Smart Mat and ultimately helps in fueling the growth of Smart Mat market. The high cost of Smart Mat is one of the biggest factor which hinders the growth of Smart Mat market. As this is one of the technology at its introductory stage due to which very less number of vendors are offering this Smart Mat, which has increased its pricing for customers.

Smart Mat Market Segmentation By Basis Of Type – Smart yoga Mat, Smart foot Mat, Others. The prominent players in Global Smart Mat market are: SmartMat, Artis LLC, Sensing Tex S.L., Indiegogo, Inc., Barefoot Yoga Co., Gaiam Inc., Jade Yoga, Manduka, Klymit, Multimat and others. On Geographic basis, North America is anticipated to capture largest market share regarding revenue, owing to increase in adoption of mats in gyms and health clubs.

APAC is anticipated to be the second largest market in terms of revenue in the Smart Mat Market over the next coming years due to high digitalization and the rising interest in improving health conditions. The Smart Mat market in Europe and Latin America are expected to witness high growth rates in the coming period due to the rise in technologies in the region.

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