New Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine Enters the Automatic Capping Machine Market

Manufacturing of the automatic capping machine is done with the help of latest technologies and with high-grade raw materials. An automatic capping machine is flexible, durable and works out with numerous cap sizes and containers. It offers long-lasting, rust-proof, standardized finishing and comprehensive packaging, and also has wide-ranging applications across multiple industries. This machine is utilized in metal and plastic threaded caps, in corks, plugs, and in plastic snap caps. In addition, a standard automatic capping machine can be utilized for both, glass and plastic bottle packaging. With the support of automatic capping machines, time taken by product manufacturers for bottle capping is saved. To ensure a perfect packaging of bottles, dual-servo driven system control is initiated in the automatic capping machine. According to an ongoing study by Future Market Insights, growth in food and beverage industry packaging can drive the global automatic capping machine market in the foreseeable future.

ALLIEDFLEX® Launches Innovative Machine for Filling and Capping: FLX SpoutFill

ALLIEDFLEX® is the most important North American dealer of global standup pouch packaging machineries. The company merges adaptable packaging innovation with excellent packaging machinery solutions. The reason behind the success of ALLIEDFLEX® is its advancement in the field of innovative pouch packaging machines and its active participation in the research since many years. They offer an exclusive consultative sales approach that addresses the objectives of both manufacturing and marketing.

According to a recent news from Florida, ALLIEDFLEX® is launching a new machine called FLX SpoutFill. This new machine offers semi- automatic solution to fill and cap “pre-spouted” pouches. FLX SpoutFill machine is a precision, an exclusive machine solution that is best for pilot R&D, lab and plant to bring about filling characteristics, controlled production runs and to test market samples.

ALLIEDFLEX® has comprehensive packaging supplier deals as well as strategic machinery partners. They symbolize the finest technological solutions worldwide, providing the company flexibility to manufacture complete integrated system and stand-alone machine. ALLIEDFLEX®  is the finest pick when it comes to pouch packaging machineries.

Features & Working of FLX SpoutFill

FLX SpoutFill machine was mainly constructed to meet the rising need for a dependable system for spouted pouch’s filling and capping. It is simple, economical and compact to operate and is constructed with IP65 standard by maintaining corrosion resistant wash-down. This air-driven machine, which is also semi-automatic, is appropriate for filling & capping of flexible pouches along with semi-liquid/liquid commodities. The FLX filler is appropriate for hot filing (100°C) and can further fill viscous liquids having soft pulp or particulates.

Furthermore, FLX SpoutFill manufactures a solution for pouch packaging machinery that is safe, efficient and reliable. The machine can accommodate a volume from 250ml up to 1 liter. The style of the pouch is standup along with pre-applied corner or top spout that is, with carrier slot as well as 5-6 PPM is the output which is based on the 250ml volume.

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