Fibre Optic Test Equipment Market to Reap Excessive Revenues by 2026

Fibre has excellent properties, which includes anti-electromagnetic interference smaller diameter, insulation, resistance to nuclear radiation and light weight. Fibre optic communication is the future of every network. With increasing demand for network speeds and bandwidth, fibre optic cabling certification is becoming necessity. For fibre optic testing being critical, the equipment used in the testing plays a major role in the network handling.Demand for fibre optic test equipment market is expected to be driven the growing number of fibre cable network. Increasing need of real time operation demand regular testing of insertion loss and bandwidth to facilitate services in an efficient way. This demand create immense opportunities for the fibre optic test equipment market.

From technological advancement perspective, the fibre optic test equipment market is expected to be driven by deployment of real-time 40 gig and 100 gig network deployments, as it create need for high fibre optic performance.Increasing complexity of electronic products and network demands development of fibre optic test equipment with easy- to use and better functionality. Technology advancement for better error rate testers and next generation testing systems will increase testing frequency, thereby adding to market revenue.

Though the fibre optic equipment market is growing substantially but the lack of awareness for the testing in customers hampers the growth of the market.With full stream 4G deployments, North America is expected to exhibit the major share of global fibre optics test equipment market. Even though Asia Pacific doesn’t exhibit major share of global fibre optic test equipment market but is expected to show the highest growth aided by the increasing FTTH deployment in emerging economies like China and India.  Regulatory policies for the deployment of FTTH and increasing uses of smart phone lead to the demand for fibre optic network in China which in return create opportunities for the fibre optic test equipment market in China.

Some of the players in the market we identified includes, EXFO, Keysight Technologies, Viavi Solutions Inc, Anritsu Corporationa and Tektronix Inc.

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