Marine Flooring and Deck Covering Market is Expecting Worldwide Growth by 2025

With the growing demand for aesthetics and comfort features in cruises and boats, there has been significant rise in demand for advanced marine floorings and deck coverings over the past few years. In the present scenario, marine flooring and deck coverings are designed from light-weight and non-slippery materials and also with greater resistance to ultra-violet light. The advance marine flooring and deck coverings have rapid drying ability, improved strength and greater durability. The marine flooring and deck coverings are made with greater noise control acoustic damping, which prevents the vibration which were caused in the steel structure, thus not radiating over a greater distance. Some of the other properties of marine floorings include excellent flame retardant, soil and strain resistance. Owing to the immense safety and comfort features, the global marine flooring and deck covering market is projected to grow at significant CAGR over the forecast period.

With the rising demand for aesthetics for the ships and recreational boats, there has been a greater demand for the new designed deck coverings and floorings that doesn’t turn grey or fade. The deck coverings and floorings are available in a number of colors with advanced properties of water, sound, UV resistance.

The growing travel and tourism is also a major factor contributing to the greater demand for marine flooring and deck coverings. There has been significant increase in the number of cruises and recreational boats over the last decade, which in turn would require flooring and deck covering systems.The stringent regulations related to the marine safety, has also led to the installation of water proof, UV resistant marine floorings and deck coverings.

Restraints;The global marine flooring and deck coverings market has to face a number of challenges such as, the high cost of marine flooring and deck coverings. The regular maintenance of the floorings and deck coverings is also a major challenge in the marine industry.

Trends;The global marine flooring and deck covering manufacturers are focusing on the development of decks that doesn’t get too hot and have better resistance against ultraviolent radiations. The marine floorings and deck coverings are designed such that they require no additional sealing and less maintenance. The manufacturers are also offering diversified customized solutions in order to win an edge over the other players in the market.

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