Modular belt drive Market Analysis, Trends, Growth Prospects Forecast to 2025

A belt is a popular looped strip used to link two or more mechanically rotating shafts. It is used in many industrial applications such as food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals. Belts worked on the primary principle of friction. Belt drives are the source of motion to transmit power to track relative movement. Modular belts are the belts consist of interlocking segment. It is easily replaceable and needs less maintenance. Modular belts carry high load capacities and are most preferred belt as compared to flat belts.  The modular belt is preferred and ideal for the food and beverage industries as it can be easily cleaned and sanitized. It is an aggregation of plastic modules connected by the lateral rods. It facilitates the users to convey and clean the products efficiently. The modular belt drive is the drive which creates motion for the belt and thus is used to transfer the items or objects from one point to other.

The global modular belt drive market is majorly driven by the modular belt manufacturing companies. These companies due to wide industrial applications in food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and logistics favors the overall market of modular belt drive. Belt drives are simple and economical to use and do not need any parallel shafts. It facilitates the user to avoid jam or any overload of the products over the belt. Modular belt drive helps to increase plant efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs incurred due to plant downtime. All these factors propel the global modular belt market which led to driving global modular belt drive market in the forecast period. Moreover, the maintenance cost for the belt drive are low and thus are economical. It is highly efficient and can be cleaned and sanitized easily and so are in demand in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The government regulations and policies about the hygiene and cleaning of the equipment used in food, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries fuel the demand for the modular belt drive market. It is thus expected to gain traction and attain significant CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2027.

However, angular velocity can’t remain constant due to stretching and slipping of the belt. The operating temperature for the belt drive should be constant thus it restricts the temperature parameter of the process. Few technical adjustment of the pulley and other belt components are to be made for wearing and stretching of the modular belt. These factors affect the global modular belt drive market in the forecast period.

Based on the types of belt drives, Light belt drive is used in agricultural machines and small machine tools. Medium belt drive is in machine tools. Large belt drive is used in the compressor, generator, and heavy machinery. By position of the drive used in the process, the market is segmented into the front end, rear end, center, bottom, and side. It is the position over which the drive is installed for the proper motion of the modular belt depending on the products, weight, and nature. Based on the Types of modular belts, the overall modular belt market is divided into three categories, Straight belt, Radius belt and Spiral belt. The materials used in the modular belts are polypropylene as it is resistant to many chemicals. It is the tough material which can be used for the temperature sensitive process.

Polyethylene, poly-oxy-methylene (Acetal), and Polyamide (Nylon) are also preferred by the manufacturers of the modular belt. By end-use industries, the global modular belt drive market is segmented into food and beverage industries. In food industries, food processing of meat, beef, seafood, fruits, vegetables, bakery products, confectionaries and packaged food uses this modular belt drive. It is also used in pharmaceutical industries for the medicines, drugs and other related product packaging and transmission within the factory. Based on the size of the modular belt drive, the market is also segmented into micro-pitch and nominal pitch. It depends on the nature of the product.

Geographically, the global modular belt drive market is segmented into seven regions such as North America, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Japan. The global modular belt drive market is expected to have significant CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2027. North America and Europe are major players in the global modular belt drive market owing to industrial applications. North America and Europe are expected to gain traction in the modular belt drive market. Asia Pacific is the potential market and is anticipated to have significant market share in the global modular belt drive market in the forecast period. Asia Pacific, due to increasing investment in the food and pharmaceutical industries of these regions, growing awareness about the technological advancement and its importance, rapid infrastructural and industrial development are the factors responsible for the demand and growth of the global modular belt drive market during the forecast period.

Some of the prominent players for the global modular belt drive market are Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc., Central Conveyor Limited, Scan belt A/S, Habasit Ag (Habasit Group), Bode Belting GmBh, Abb Automation Products GmBh, Dunlop Btl Ltd

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