Government Support will boost Fluorine Carbon Coatings Market size During Forecast Period (2017-2027)

Global Fluorine Carbon Coatings Market: Introduction, Dynamics, Segmentation, Market Participants and  Regional Outlook

Over time, the coating industry has significantly upgraded to fulfill product specific demands for protection from various hazardous factors. Strong research and development and effective manufacturing capability have enabled manufacturers to develop products that answer specific chemical requirements for protection of different types of materials. Fluorine carbon coatings are protective coatings that offer corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to weathering and low friction along with non-stick properties.

Fluorine carbon coatings find applications in various end use industries, including construction, chemical, and in the manufacturing of products, such as kitchenware. Favourable chemical characteristics make fluorine carbon based coatings a preferred choice in the kitchenware industry. The market for fluorine carbon coatings is expected to witness stable growth in demand over the forecast period. Carbon fibers and composite materials are increasingly being used in a wide variety of applications and further application of fluorine carbon coatings helps them gain unique properties, such as non-stick and low friction.

From a macro-economic perspective, strong economic growth is a prominent driver affecting the consumption pattern of products, such as fluorine carbon coatings, depending upon the performance of various end use sectors. Growth in the end use industry will be a major factor driving the demand for fluorine carbon coatings. Favourable properties offered by fluorine carbon coatings make them a preferred choice in a variety of applications. The market for fluorine carbon coatings will witness significant investment in research and development, where manufacturers will be seen focusing on developing different formulations – each designed to satisfy a need from a certain range of application. The fluorine carbon market will remain vulnerable to the presence of stringent regulations with regards to VOC emissions, which has significantly affected the coatings industry over time.

The fluorine carbon coatings market can be segmented on the basis of polymer type and application. By polymer type, the global fluorine carbon coatings market can be segmented into: PTFE Coatings (Polytetrafluoroethylene), PVDF Coatings (Polyvinylidene fluoride), FEVE Coatings (fluoropolymer based), Others; By type of application, the global fluorine carbon coatings market can be segmented into: Construction Industry, Chemical Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Kitchenware products, Industrial Equipment, Other Manufacturing

Examples of some of the market participants identified in the global fluorine carbon coatings market are AGC, AkzoNobel, Beckers Group, Chengmei Coating, Chenguang Paint, Daeyoung C&E, Dongfu Chemical, DuPont, Fute Tech, Hengfeng Fluorine Carbon, Kansai Paint, Motian Fluorine Carbon, Nippon Paint, PPG, Sherwin-Williams, Sinochem Lantian, Toa Resin, Wanbo Coating, Whitford, Zebon, Zhenghua Paint and Zijinghua

By region, Asia Pacific is projected to dominate the global fluorine carbon coatings market in terms of consumption. China, ASEAN countries and Australia are expected to emerge as the major contributors to market growth. After Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America are estimated to emerge as the next big markets. Europe is expected to remain ahead in terms of consumption, when compared with North America. EU5 countries will account for a dominant share of the total consumption in the European region. Furthermore, the market in Eastern Europe is expected to witness a relatively slow growth rate as compared to the European average. This can be attributed to the relatively weak performance of end use industries in the Eastern Europe region, which can further be traced to the economic instability there.

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In the Middle East and Africa market, a large share of total consumption is expected to stem from the construction industry. Moreover, the chemical industry will remain a key consumer of fluorine carbon coatings in the South Africa region. Healthy growth in demand is expected in this region throughout the forecast period. In terms of demand, the Latin America fluorine carbon based coatings market is projected to witness healthy growth over forecast period.

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