Automotive Cylinder Block Market Forecast Report by Future Market Insights Offers Key Insights 2017-2027

A cylinder block is an essential part of the automotive engine system as it supports the major components of the internal combustion engine. A cylinder block consists of a number of oil galleries, which transfer oil to the engine and hence, provide lubrication to critical parts. It also contains water galleries, which provide cooling and thereby control the temperature of the engine. Therefore cylinder block plays an important role in the lubrication, temperature control, and stability of the engine.A cylinder block is generally made of cast iron, but nowadays number of companies are developing and producing aluminum cylinder blocks. The aluminum cylinder blocks are lighter and have better heat transfer than the cast iron cylinder blocks.

The growing global automotive industry is expected to accelerate growth of the automotive cylinder block market. The major factor driving the automotive cylinder block market is the growing vehicle production across the globe. As per the OICA statistics, the global vehicle production increased by 4.5% from 2015 to 2016. The prominent countries contributing in the growth of vehicle production are China, U.S., India, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Spain, UK, and South Korea among others. Along with this, the rising preference for lightweight and fuel efficient vehicles is further projected to enhance the demand for aluminum alloy cylinder blocks.

At present the rise in the demand for electric vehicles in North America and Europe regions is estimated to have limited affect in the automotive cylinder blocks market, due to low penetration of electric vehicles. But it is estimated that in the coming decade the market for electric vehicles will increase and this will restrict the automotive cylinder block market.

Automotive Cylinder Block Market: Segmentation: Automotive Cylinder Block Market Segmentation By Product Type – Inline Engine, V Engine, Others; By Material Type – Cast Iron, Aluminum Alloy; By Vehicle Type – Passenger Car, Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV), Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) Asia Pacific region is estimated to be the prominent market for automotive cylinder block due to the significant production of vehicles in key production hubs such as China, India, South Korea, and Japan.

The increase in the vehicle production in Asia Pacific region is due to the growing demand for passenger cars from the rising middle class population in India and China. Along with this, due to increasing industrial operations and infrastructure activities in Asia Pacific region is accelerating the demand for light and heavy commercial vehicles. North America and Europe are expected to witness steady growth in the automotive cylinder block market, owing to the stable growth of vehicle production in the region. The automotive cylinder block market in Western Europe will be propelled by the growing vehicle production in Germany, France, Spain, UK, and Italy.

The market in the Middle East & Africa region is expected to grow considerably due to the rising vehicle production in countries such as Turkey and Iran. Latin America is expected to witness slow growth in comparison to other regions, owing to decline in the vehicle production in Brazil from past couple of years.

Automotive Cylinder Block Market: Market Participants: Examples of some of the market participants in the automotive cylinder block market are: Perkins Engine Company, Alfing, Brodix, Cummins, Deutz, Honda, Cooper Corp, Mahle, Jaya Hind Industries Ltd, SEACO Pvt. Ltd, Moldex

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