Automotive Cooling Fans Market Projected to Grow at Steady Rate through 2017-2027

Automotive cooling fans are key components of the automotive cooling systems to dissipate heat generated from combustion of engine and locomotion of automotive ancillary components. Automotive cooling fans are usually employed in engines for keeping the engine temperature within specified limits which also aids in optimizing the overall engine performance. Automotive cooling fans enable the engine to run at optimum temperature irrespective of the operating conditions. Automotive Cooling fans pull or push the air through the radiator in order to cool the antifreeze for keeping the engine temperature within desired limits.

The dimensional stability, stiffness and temperature resistance properties of the cooling fans help them to maintain the position of fan blades and give optimum performance. The design of automotive cooling fans vary with different vehicle sizes. Automotive cooling fans used for engine cooling are classified as: Manual fixed fan, Thermal sensing clutch fans, electric fans, flex fans, centrifugal clutch fans. In order to maintain the engine temperature, front wheel drive cars generally use electric fans which are controlled by engine computer or a thermostatic switch.

On the other hand, the rear wheel drive cars have engine driven cooling fans for optimization of engine performance.  Moreover, depending upon the size of vehicle, electric cooling fans are powered by motors of different horsepower ratings. Furthermore, automotive cooling fans are also employed in automotive communication, information and photoelectric systems.

Automotive cooling fans market shares a synergic relationship with the Automobile industry. With technological advancements in automotive industry, the demand of automotive cooling fans is expected to increase, thus promoting the expected growth of automotive cooling fans market over the assessment period. Moreover, introduction of temperature resistant, lightweight and dimensionally stable automotive cooling fans is expected to attract more customers in the future.

The current trend in the Automotive cooling fans market is the increasing demand of electric cooling fans for applications in four wheelers. Furthermore, owing to their lightweight construction and noiseless operation flex automotive cooling fans are gaining popularity for application in racing and high performance cars, thus promoting the augmentation of automotive cooling fans market.

Introduction of cooling fans with new blade designs which are stiffer and vibration free are expected to increase the demand of automotive cooling fans market in the coming years. Moreover, stringent fuel regulations and increasing demand of highly efficient engines would further promote manufacturing of compact and small size automotive cooling fans. The aftermarket segment is expected to offer growth opportunities in the automotive cooling fans markets owing to scope of repair and replacement.

Initial cost of electric fans is more as compared to their mechanical counterpart, this acts as a restrain in the expected growth of automotive cooling fans market. Moreover, higher power consumption, reactivity to antifreeze chemicals and vibration problems also limit the application of flex and clutch fans in few vehicles thus restricting their expected market growth. Furthermore, high maintenance cost of mechanically operated cooling fans acts as a restrain in the expected growth of automotive cooling fans market over the assessment years.

Automotive cooling fans Market: Market Segmentation: Automotive cooling Fans Market Segmentation By Types – Engine Cooling fans, HVAC Cooling fans, Infotainment cooling fans, Seat ventilation fans; By Vehicle Type – Two Wheelers, Passenger cars, HCV, LCV; By Sales Channel – Original Equipment Manufacturers, Aftermarket

Owing to the increasing urbanization in Asia Pacific region, the demand of automobiles is expected to increase in the coming years. This would have a positive impact on the expected growth of automotive cooling fans market over the assessment period.  Moreover, with the expected growth of automotive market in Middle East and Africa, there would be strong grounds for investment in automotive cooling fans market in this region. Furthermore, Eastern European market is expected to have an incremental growth of automotive market, this would further help in augmentation of automotive cooling fans market in this region.

Automotive cooling fans Market: Key Participants: Horton Holdings Inc, Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co. Ltd, Multi-wing America Inc., Continental Automotive GmbH, Standard Motor Products, Inc., Flexxaire Inc, SPAL Automotive, USUI Co.Ltd, SCFM Corporation, AMETEK Rotron, Gentherm corporation

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